Everything You Need To Know About Knee Pain

Knee pain affects almost everybody at some point in their lives. It may be due to injuries such as ruptured ligaments, torn cartilage, or medical conditions such as gout infections and arthritis.

In most cases, you can use simple home remedies to relieve minor knee pain, but when the pain becomes too much to bear, the only option is to see a professional physiotherapist for help. Read this article to the end to learn the signs and symptoms of knee pain and how you can determine that your knee pain is severe.

Signs And Symptoms Of Knee Pain

If you notice that your knee is swollen and stiff after a serious fall or impact, then you are likely to experience severe pain immediately or after some time. Apart from the swelling, it will also be hard to straighten the knee as it will be very stiff and you will feel intense pain.

Knees are responsible for supporting the body, and thus when you are suffering from knee pain, you will feel unstable and possibly suffer from back pain too. You may be unable to stand for long because your knees don’t have the strength to support the body, and they may even give out, leading to immobility.

If you hear a popping sound, and then your knee gives out immediately after a fall, you should seek help because you are likely to experience severe knee pain. You could take pain medication or use other methods of relieving pain if you did not get serious injuries. You can also visit Sports Massage in Singapore for a massage to straighten the knee and prevent much damage.

When To Know That Knee Pain Is Serious

Knee pain should not last for long, mainly if it resulted from a minor fall. However, if there are preexisting conditions preventing healing, you may develop a fever, and your knee will be red and warm to the touch.

Home remedies and pain killers help relieve pain; thus, if you try various home remedies and pain killers but the pain keeps worsening, don’t ignore it; seek medical advice.

If you are exercising lightly and ensuring your leg is elevated not to put pressure on the knee, but the swelling does not go down, you should seek help from professionals.

Additionally, if you experience difficulty moving the knee joint or it is very tender, it is time to visit a doctor or look for help from a professional.

Apart from helping you recover from the injuries and pain, a therapist will guide you on how to strengthen your joints. This way, you reduce the chances of getting knee injuries in the future.


Knee pain is among the most common challenges that sportspeople encounter. Knees are a vital part of the body, so when you are in pain, your schedule can be disrupted, and you will be very uncomfortable. Don’t suffer in silence when you can visit the Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore and get professional help.

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