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European Investment Fund Boundary Holding invests in Deep Tech & Artificial Intelligence startup

Rajat Khare is a serial entrepreneur and an active investor. He is the founder of Boundary Holding, a next-gen technology fund that invests in Deep-tech and Artificial Intelligence. In addition to Boundary, Rajat is a co-founder of two other start-ups: XR Vision and Cerbair. He is the author of several books, including Make the Move, about entrepreneurship and the Science of Achievement, which focuses on education.

Boundary Holding, Rajat Khare’s AI fund, invests in companies with revolutionary AI technologies, such as UAVs, big data, and sustainable models. His previous ventures have included investments in Singapore facial recognition startup XRVision, an AI-based drone solution provider, and an aircraft company, Asteria Aerospace. Apart from creating innovative and profitable technology companies, Rajat Khare has also invested in disruptive startups and incubators.

Rajat Khare is a graduate of IIT-Delhi with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is now the co-founder of Boundary Holding, a European investment fund with presence in France and Luxembourg. His previous ventures include XRVision, a company that uses deep learning to recognize faces. Asteria Aerospace provides robotics and AI solutions to different industries.

In addition to Boundary Holding, Rajat Khare also founded XRVision, a robotics and AI company that has the potential to revolutionize the way we live. His work has been featured as a case study by INSEAD, and he has also partnered with a number of startup ecosystems to bring Artificial Intelligence to the masses. 

In addition to XRVision, Rajat Khare is a pioneer of artificial intelligence. He founded Boundary Holding, an investment fund with a presence in Luxembourg and France, to invest in AI startups. Asteria Aerospace is a robots and AI company founded by Rajat Khare. Its founder aims to provide robotics and AI solutions for various industries. There are many other ways to make use of artificial intelligence in robotics.

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Rajat Khare has a connection with the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. He has worked with startups and INSEAD and has created a new company, Boundary Holding, which specializes in early-stage investing. His expertise in Artificial Intelligence has helped him create a portfolio of disruptive companies. As a result, his Boundary Holding investments are already delivering results. The company is focused on advancing the field of artificial intelligence and has a long list of other projects.

XR Vision, a facial recognition startup based in New York, provides advanced image analysis through different form factors. The company’s Sentinel AI platform has dozens of video analytics functions to solve complex visual analytics in homeland security. Founded by Rajat Khare in 2013, XR Vision has received funding from INSEAD in 2018 and already has a diverse client base in more than 20 countries.

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