Emerging Defence Technologies That Can Revamp Warfare

Emerging Defence Technologies That Can Revamp Warfare

The Indian defence forces hold the bravest combatants in the world. Even the most lethal enemies have succumbed before defence forces of India. They always deter every antagonism with a gallant heart and fortitude. For their commitment and dedication, the whole country venerates them with the tag of ‘superhero’. Whether it’s day or night, rainy or sunny day, they have always offered selfless services to their motherland. They have successfully fought various battles to safeguard the nation. Well, it is courage that makes them fight bravely on the field. However, technical weapons have made them invincible. Without a doubt, technology plays a vital role in enhancing operational efficiency of defence forces. 

So, who holds the credit for strengthening the defence forces of India? Obviously, it is the youth of the nation. They join defence forces by cracking arduous exams such as NDA, AFCAT, CDS etc. Many 12th pass students register themselves for the NDA exam. It is tough to prepare for the exam without proper guidance. So, candidates can opt to prepare with the help of a magnificent institute that caters excellent NDA coaching in Chandigarh. Every defence aspirant should be cognizant of the technical weapons that forces use. Also, some technical advances that can revamp warfare. To polish their knowledge, they can go through this article carefully. 

Here we have jotted down some emerging defence technologies that can revamp warfare

Emerging Defence Technologies That Can Revamp Warfare

  • Laser cannons

Weapons that are seen in video games or movies can come into reality in the near future. After years of research, in 2020 scientists have designed a structure where laser weapons can fit easily on the cannons. For sure, it can make it easy for the snipper to target their aim and destroy it. This weapon is going to be noxious. Also, this weapon can repeatedly fire by using less fuel. Thus, using this weapon will not make defence forces spend a high amount.  

  • Unmanned submarine hunter
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More often than not, enemy countries deploy ultra quiet submarines that skulk around the shore and are hard to detect. The Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV)- Sea Hunter, is going to be an effective submarine detector. It will be a drone that can easily work underwater for months. Using this technology can cut off the worries of defence personnel. It will become easy to detect and attack any enemy submarine around the seashore. Therefore, it can increase the security of the nation around water bodies. 

  • Plasma protection field

Boeing has registered a patent for a technology that can easily protect vehicles from damage by generating plasma fields. Its core idea is to stave off incoming blast. However, it is not potential enough to stop any rocket or missile attack. This technology is efficient in creating an ionized air field. Using this technology by the defence forces can reduce the damage of vehicles. We hope that soon the Indian defence forces will start using this technology. It will not only save a vehicle, but also many lives. 

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  • Satellite melter

An effective way to remove your adversary’s satellite is to melt it. Scientists are developing a satellite that can easily hunt and track an enemy’s satellite. This is a new and innovative way to have an upper hand over your nemesis. Also, it can snatch power from the enemy country to spy you.  Using this technology can enhance the security of the nation. It is predicted that this technology will be launched in 2021. No doubt, it can improve the way defence forces conduct their operations. 

  • Extra stealth bomber
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The research for this bomber is still in process. The main goal is to invent high speed, total stealth and heavy bomb cargo capacity. This bomber is going to be extra lethal and could cover a larger area. It is going to be extra destructive. No doubt, it can cause heavy damage in the war field. So, it is advisable to use it only when situations go out of control. The worst part of using this bomb is that it will not result in loss of life, but also deteriots the environment. 

  • Every ship with aircraft carrier

This technology can serve as a boon for the Indian Navy. There are enough unmanned air vehicles that are in use at present. However, using it with ships can enhance the capability of Naval forces. They can easily deter enemy on the seas as well as in the air. DARPA is planning to develop a system where every ship can easily carry aircraft. Also,  Northrop Grumman will be the main contractor for it. This invention can benefit the Indian defence forces in myriad ways. For sure, it can help the forces to combat the enemy with best efficiency.

  • Self- steering bullets

These bullets will have tiny sensors and a .50 caliber. Currently, this bullet is under development. This can help snipers to shoot their target with accuracy. Also, they can hit moving objects effectively. It is going to be the best weapon that defence forces can use in their operation. We hope that soon it will come into use and make the forces unbeatable. 

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Technology has restructured many sectors. The defence forces have also savoured the benefits of technology. You can go through the above points to judge the emerging defence technologies that can revamp warfare. 

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