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Eight Tech Skills That Can Get You Hired As An IT Support Tech

If you are an aspiring IT professional, you need to stay at the top of the latest advancements occurring in the industry. Technology is evolving rapidly, which impacts the IT sector big time. So, if you want to upgrade yourself, you need to understand the latest programming and network systems. It will help you strengthen your professional profile and establish your place in the IT industry. The competition also increases with time, so you need to enhance your skills to stay ahead of others.

As an IT professional, you may have to fulfill different responsibilities. It could be fixing the Wi-Fi issues of the company or programming for the latest cloud infrastructure. You must know that IT is a diverse field that is becoming challenging daily. Therefore, you need to adopt the latest practices and constantly learn to establish yourself in the job market. Eventually, it will help you to accomplish your career goals and allow you to make a positive contribution to your company’s growth. Let’s discover some tech skills that can get you hired as an IT support tech without further ado.


Cybersecurity is one of the fundamental skills for any IT team. Whether you are applying for the networking or system administration position, you should be familiar with the latest cybersecurity practices. Having cybersecurity skills is a must for IT support tech jobs. If you want to increase your chances of getting hired by international IT companies, you need to work in this area. Suppose you are searching for IT support jobs Singapore. You should be able to propose solid IT security solutions to the company there. It will not only make you eligible for this position but will also increase your chances of hiring. The companies look for IT security professionals who can implement the right cyber security protocols to protect their networking systems.

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Any hacking attempt can harm the credibility of the company. So, companies rely on IT professionals having solid cyber security backgrounds. To enhance your cyber security skills, you must develop a basic understanding of networking and software security. Also, you have to get familiar with data encryption, ethical hacking, penetration testing, threat analysis, and risk mitigation strategy. It will enable you to level up your cyber security game, which will open the gates of career-changing opportunities for you.


Programming is another tech skill that IT professionals need to harness. Different programming languages are used to develop websites, software, and web applications.

By having a strong command of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C++, PowerShell, and Ruby, you can become the first preference of any company. Also, good programming skills can allow IT professionals to automate tasks.

The demand for software developers is rapidly increasing. Web and mobile applications are continuously increasing, opening the gates of job opportunities for IT professionals. A research study revealed that around 75% of developers learn new technology each year. It means they are always working to improve their knowledge. So, the same goes for IT professionals if they want to excel and grow in their professional careers.

Systems and Network

One of the major responsibilities of IT professionals is to ensure that networks and systems are operating seamlessly. Individuals who specialize in systems and networking skills can opt for the positions of network administrators and system administrators.

Having a good grasp of systems and network skills can also enable you to work in cloud administration and security. With these skills, you can also oversee diverse operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. You also have to maintain LAN (local area networks) and WAN (wide area networks) and assist employees who face technical issues.

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Data Analysis

As a competent IT professional, you must learn to analyze data to perform different IT tasks. By closely monitoring data, you can identify security threats and inefficiencies in the systems. Suppose you want to opt for data-based jobs in the IT realm. In that case, you should consider becoming a data engineer or database administrator. You also have to gain a strong grip over SQL, Python, and statistics.


DevOps is also known as the combination of development and operations that connects the software development and IT teams. DevOps skills can help you in development and IT both to run the organization.

Harnessing the DevOps skills means you can become a DevOps engineer. To do that, you need to understand the continuous delivery theory clearly. Also, you need to understand the scripting languages such as Python, C, and Ruby. Knowledge of cloud operation can also help you get the desired job in the IT sector.

Cloud Computing

One of the most demanding skills for IT professionals is cloud computing. It can enable you to develop cloud infrastructure and maintain it. Working on cloud technology can make you eligible for top positions such as cloud administrator, cloud architect, and cloud developer. Also, the hands-on knowledge of platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Oracle can help you enhance your cloud computing skills.

Machine Learning

One of the most crucial tech skills that all aspiring IT professionals need to harness is machine learning. It has also become one of the most prominent skills for data professionals and programmers. Other skills involved in machine learning are clustering, kernels, and parametric and nonparametric algorithms.

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Project Management

IT professionals need to have sound project management skills to keep track of projects. IT project managers must ensure that projects are delivered to clients on time. They have to lead the team from the front by ensuring that everyone is focused on achieving a particular project’s objectives.

Also, while working as the IT project manager, you have to keep track of the performance of all team members. It allows you to identify the weak areas to make suggestions to your team accordingly. Eventually, it improves the delivery of projects and increases your professional worth in the IT landscape.


Achieving success in any field is not an overnight process. You have to constantly learn and enhance your skillset as per the latest industry practices. The same goes for the IT sector, as you have to work on your tech skills to become eligible for high-paying positions. From programming to cyber security, machine learning to cloud computing, you have to pay attention to every area to attain a top position. It will make a valuable addition to your resume and help you land your dream job in the IT sector.

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