Easy DIY Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

Looking to increase your home value in preparation for a sale, or merely to appease the HOA Gods? Here are some simple do-it-yourself projects that will have your home looking like heaven in no-time. 

1. Wall Paint/Wallpaper

A simple paint job can do wonders to a home that needs to be spiffed up. Whether it’s the exterior walls brightened to a fresh white, or interior walls brought to life by gorgeous wallpaper, the aesthetics of the walls are integral to making the house feel like a home. You can stop by your local paint store and do the job yourself without exorbitant costs. Wallpaper comes in an endless line of designs and styles, with price points for every economic level. 

2. Crown Moldings

Crown molding is a form of cornice created out of decorative molding installed atop an interior wall. It is also used atop doors, windows, pilasters and cabinets. Historically made of plaster or wood, modern crown molding installation may be of a single element, or a build-up of multiple components into a more elaborate whole. There are plenty of resources online for creating crown moldings yourself from affordable materials. They give the home a richer, fuller, more historic and finished look.

3. Insulation

There are many DIY insulation projects you can take on in your house that will add to the value of your home. You can put weather stripping around doors and windows, install window insulation film, put insulation sleeves on water heater pipes, caulk around the bathroom and dryer vents, in addition to many other tasks. This will not only save a future tenant the trouble of insulating, but will also reduce your home heating costs. 

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4. Hardwood Floor Restoration

Restoring hardwood floors to improve home value is perhaps one of the simplest and well-structured processes on the list. The hardest part is most likely moving the furniture ahead of time so you can clean and prep the floor. There are numerous tutorials online that will teach you how to refinish your floors, including lists of tools you will need, and the best floor stain brands to use. 

5. Gardening

While it is possible to hire a gardener or landscaper to spruce up your lawn and greenspace, it’s much more fun and cost-effective to make a garden yourself. It’s even possible these days to create elaborate yards by watching youtube videos of gardening decoration and design. Tons of people are making green wonderlands from affordable seeds, tools, plants, and clever use of unusual materials. If the outside is beautiful, potential buyers will be tempted to look inside as well. 

Raising the value of your home might seem like an impossible task, especially in an economic downturn when housing values are vulnerable. Remember that with a little research and free time, you can invest in your property and raise its value with simple do-it-yourself projects. If you’re looking to raise the value of your home in order to leave and purchase another, remember to make use of tools like the house payment calculator to find out how much you can afford.

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