E-Scooter App Development: How Much Does It Cost to Develop Scooter Sharing App?

E-Scooter App Development: How Much Does It Cost to Develop Scooter Sharing App?

Using e-scooters is not a rare thing today. These eco-friendly and fast devices can be a great alternative to cars, buses, bikes, etc. Even more, the main weak side of e-scooters is actually their high price. And it can be overcome as there are services which offer to rent an e-scooter for a certain time. It allows a customer to get an e-scooter for minutes or hours, or even days without purchasing it and thinking about how to keep it, maintain it, or just recharge it. All this is on the side of the e-scooter rental company. Yet just buying an e-scooter fleet is not enough to launch your e-scooter rental business.

This type of business, in its turn, requires from an IT team a thorough development of an app to manage the rental process and provide customers with easy-to-use and convenient service. That’s why in RexSoft, we decided to talk in detail about e-scooter app development.

What makes the e-scooter app special and workable? We know there is no reason to create similar apps as they will not be noticeable by customers. And they should be noticed! So let’s highlight what is an e-scooter app and what features it should have to be profitable and useful at once.

First of all, what is the purpose of the e-scooter app? It should implement the functions of simple and convenient access to devices for the user. At the same time, such an application helps the owners of the e-scooter fleet to control the movement, route, technical condition, and payments of their devices. And this is the main purpose of the application. Therefore, today it is easiest for an e-scooter rental business to apply the principles of IoT application development.

As for the tasks and requirements that should be considered when developing e-scooter applications. Here are they.

  • An app should have a user-friendly, simple and intuitive interface so that users can easily understand and use the application without wasting time and frustration.
  • The application must be adapted for the main mobile OS, primarily for Android OS and iOS, so that the owners of most mobile devices can use it.
  • The development of such an application must combine speed with high-quality standards. This is the case when MVP will not work, the application must be usable, functional, and quickly updated.
  • Safety in the development of e-scooter applications is very important. The application provides the ability to pay for the rental of e-scooters and it should not only perform this function but also have a high degree of security for both parties to the transaction.

And this is just the minimum set of requirements that is required when developing applications for an e-scooter business.

  • What Should Be Taken Into Account When Calculating Overall E-Scooter App Development Cost?

Then let’s consider the average cost for e-scooter app development. In RexSoft, we had a brilliant experience not long ago developing a C24 application for e-scooters in Ukraine. We are happy to share the statistics about that project with you. Let’s count timelines and average time expenses we faced.

  • Designer’s work on app design features – 80 hours.
  • React Native development team’s work – 360 hours.
  • Node JS app API development – 280 hours.
  • Node JS admin CMS – 140 hours.
  • IoT developer’s tasks on device API – 160 hours.

In total, the project required 1020 hours of RexSoft’s pros’ work. If calculating money, the subtotal cost of e-scooter app development was $30k+. Compare these numbers with the USA rates, and you’ll be surprised with their affordability.

  • Summaries

To summarize all we’ve told. E-scooters are perspective business that requires thought-out app development in the field of IoT. Yet, developing such an app is not a die-hard thing, It may require time and money but today, outstaffing team of developers can cope with the task brilliantly. Besides time savings, applying for outstaffing services to get your e-scooter app done is also money-saving. Take it into account and use our experience for your business goals with success.

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