Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)  2021

Dubai is currently a popular place to shop. DSF was first launched in February 1996 as a retail event by the Dubai government. 

Each year, the Dubai Shopping Festival is inspired by the theme of one world, one family, one festival and fulfills its promise to host the most exciting activities for the whole family.  During the DSF promotion and discount period, shoppers will be able to purchase branded products at very competitive prices.

 Another popular shopping spot at DSF 2021 is the Carpet Oasis. The exhibition features thousands of unique and exclusive handmade Oriental and Persian rugs.  At the festival, a lottery to win many prizes is also held every day. In addition, DSF has begun awards ceremonies for ideal Arab mothers, ideal families, and more. Most airlines departing from Dubai International Airport offer discounts on airfare, along with the very required excess baggage allowance during the DSF.

DSF2021 will be held for 32 days from January 24, 2021to February 24, 2021. DSF 2021 is expected to be unique in its own way to welcome visitors to the new season, the fifth season. Therefore, while other parts of the world see four seasons a year, Dubai visitors can enjoy the fifth season.

Shopping malls are usually open all day from 10 am to 10 pm. However, it is open from 2 pm to 10 pm on Fridays. Some people are open until midnight.

Dubai Shopping Guide

While the Alsabkha Road Spice has become a popular tourist attraction, the vibrant Gold  on Sikkato Alkali Street is one of the best places to buy gold at a discounted price. Beautiful gold necklaces, rings, bracelets, studs, and brooches are on display on the street, offering the cheapest gold prices in the world. Customers can get gold jewelry at a low price, but Gold  also guarantees to provide the highest quality gold. Meanwhile, the Electronics Souq near Piazza Veneer offers a variety of electronic products at discounted and wholesale prices.

Apart from that, Dubai shopping malls are also good shopping destinations. Unlike expensive malls in the west, Dubai malls offer the most valuable items at a reasonable price. The Dubai Mall of Outstanding is the world’s largest shopping avenue, with complex areas spread out in space equivalent to nearly 50 football fields. 

Shops in Dubai are typically open from 8 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to midnight. Shops are normally closed on Fridays, but malls, shops, and are closed only on Friday mornings. Dubai also offers the best duty-free shopping opportunities at sophisticated outlets within the airport. Both arriving and departing passengers can purchase from these outlets.

Shopping in Dubai is one of the most popular activities, but Dubai hosts an annual shopping festival for locals and tourists. While providing the ultimate shopping opportunity for people around the world, the annual Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF has emerged as a mega tourism event in Dubai. 

Launched in 1996, the first DSF has a record of approximately 1.6 million guests from around the world. With more than 3.35 million people last year, the Dubai Shopping Festival has become one of the major shopping events in the world. After great success in the last few years, the 2021 Dubai Shopping Festival is expected to provide more to its guests while boosting the revenues of Dubai’s tourism and retail sectors.

The festival lasts for a month and offers endless shopping opportunities with an entertainment program that everyone can enjoy. DSF surprises spectators every day with new events such as Arabian culture exhibitions, fireworks displays, handicraft shows, and promotional entertainment programs. DSF offers a wide range of the best auto couture wear, designer handbags, and sandals exclusively for Emirati women, as well as typical Dubai products such as gold, perfumes, carpets, Arabian souvenirs, and spices. In addition, Dubai is a major tax-exempt trading area, offering low-priced textiles to garment merchants.

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