How To Download Youtube Private Video
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How To Download Youtube Private Video

We are pretty sure you have found yourself in a situation when all you wanted to was uninstall youtube because it was so annoying not being able to download a video that you fell in love with! Sounds familiar? Well by the end of this article it wont! Rest assured and read on-

We tried a variety of tricks and software to complete the task and eventually found the answer. We’ll talk about it in this post.

How to Download a Private Video from Youtube

First and foremost, we must download and install the most recent version of the Mozilla Fire browser. Visit the link for download

 Because any plugin that may download videos from YouTube has been blocked by Google, Firefox is suggested instead of Chrome.

Install Mozilla fire browser

After that, you’ll need to get a Firefox plugin. Open the freshly installed Mozilla Fire browser and paste the provided link into the address bar.

  1. Click the blue ‘Add to Firefox’ icon.
  2. Activate the ‘Add’ button.

  1. Finally, the add-on has been added to Firefox.

It’s remarkably easy to store private YouTube videos using this Firefox Add-on. To use Video Downloader Professional, navigate to the YouTube video page and click the add-on button. You’ll notice a few download choices there, each with the different video quality. To download this video, just click on one of them.

Now we’ll open a private video, but first, we’ll need to connect using the Gmail account that has access to the private video. If we open another account, we will get the following notice.

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If we open the video link with the correct account that has access, the result will be as shown below. A list of video files will display when you click the green down arrow on the right top of the browser.

Any video file may be played by clicking the ‘PLAY’ button.

A new popup window containing video will appear. Save the video by right-clicking on it.

As a result, using the Firefox add-on, you may download high-resolution YouTube Private movies.

Have fun!! Thanks for reading, do share with those in need!

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