Do E-Cigarettes Affect Your Life? The Truth Is Out!

Smoking has always been the biggest concern for people worldwide. It is incredibly harmful to human health and the environment. Yet despite knowing all this, most of the population starts smoking in their teen years. 

Smoking hinders brain development in youngsters and affects their health severely when this continues for an extended period. To actively get people out of the addiction to smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes were introduced as a similar but much less harmful alternative.

You can enjoy a similar experience to smoking cigarettes by using disposable vape kits like Aroma king 3500. They allow you to get nicotine in your body the same way as smoking: by inhaling it through your mouth. 

You will get to make clouds that look like cigarette smoke and enjoy a variety of flavours other than tobacco. Disposable vape kits are used in nicotine replacement therapies. Though it is not officially announced as an alternative method, it has proved quite effective.

You have heard about the negative effects of conventional cigarettes since ever. But disposable vape kits entered the market not long ago, so not many people are fully aware of their effects and purpose. This blog will help you understand how vaping affects your life.

Affect on Health:

E-cigs do not affect your health as severely as conventional cigarettes. You can avoid many chronic diseases if you use disposable vape kits. Smoking makes you highly susceptible to lung cancer, oral diseases, heart problems and diabetes. 

Using disposable vape kits reduces these health threats to a significant level. Vapes are only offered as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you are not a smoker and you want to vape for fun, it would be better if you go for zero nicotine e-juices so that you do not get addicted to nicotine.

The e-liquid used in disposable vape kits is made of Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Flavour and Nic Salt. VG is used in the food industry too. E-liquid is heated instead of burning and the vapours inhaled are 95% safer than cigarette smoke.

Life Expectancy:

Smoking can seriously affect your life, and it increases the chances of heart stroke and many other diseases that can reduce your life span. Smoking can lead to early deaths, which is reduced significantly by using disposable vape devices.

Effects on Mood:

Smokers get irritated, and their mood is greatly affected if they don’t smoke every few hours or at particular times of the day. It’s because they are addicted to the high quantities of nicotine present in cigarettes. 

E-liquid does not contain large and unregulated amounts of nicotine but a controlled and TPD-compliant nicotine concentration. Also, the Nic Salt used in it stays in the bloodstream longer than freebase nicotine. So, you don’t feel the need to take puffs more often. 

You can gradually reduce the nicotine concentration in your e-liquid used and completely break out of the nicotine addiction. Disposable vape kits do not make you agitated as cigarettes do.

No Smell and Stinking:

Vape juices have many different flavours, and they smell and taste good. Some are fruity and sweet flavours, while others are refreshing and exciting. This does not lead to stinking, and you can easily spend time around other people without worrying about the smell of cigarettes.

Disposable Vape Kits are definitely better than conventional cigarettes, and there is no denying it. It leads you to a better and safer life. E-cigs are not entirely safe, but they are 95% safer, which is significant.

If you are a smoker, you should consider switching to vape devices. You will start enjoying the experience, and your health will also get better when you quit smoking. So, break your smoking habit and urge your friends too to switch to vaping. Disposable vapes, pod kit and high powered sub-ohm vape mods, and other vape products can all be found on our Online vape shop in the UK.

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