Different ways how marriage change life

Marriage is a life-changing journey for both women and men, but it means a transaction at the mental and emotional level for the latter. In Indian society, marriage is steeped in age-old traditions, and it is also noted that married couples grow alike over the period. Wedding is one of the most significant decisions of a person’s life. As married couples have to find different ways to get each other differently, it is, therefore, nothing surprising that they will experience changes in their characteristics as they adapt to partnered life whether you have chosen your partner from NRI matrimonial sites USA, or referred from one of your aunts. It may be a love marriage. Nothing creates a big difference except knowing your partner.


The widely accepted theory of personality is known as the significant points. This includes the basic five personality dimensions:

  • Conscientiousness: how orderly and dependent you are becoming. If you are highly conscious, you prefer to be punctual and keep your working and living space need and tidy. If you are low in audacity, you do not get uptight about deadlines, and couples are comfortable in your cluttered environment. Husbands, after a few years seen to becoming more conscious and wives, remain the same. Researchers do notice that women are more aware of their body, appearance, home decor rather than men.
  • Friendly behavior: how free you are to new experiences. If you are high in open-minded, you like trying new things. If you are narrowing-minded, you are comfortable with what is familiar. After a specific time, wives become less friendly; therefore, this shows their acceptance to life after marriage.
  • Agreeableness: how you get along with society. If you are more open to everything, you are easygoing and successful in doing what everyone else is doing. If you are less in agreeableness, you are got to have things in different directions, no matter what the rest of us want. Both the partner becomes less agreeable over the period of time, but this downfall in the graph is especially noticeable for the wives. It seems that they try to be more assert themselves during the early years of marriage.
  • Extraversion: how comfortable you are in interacting with others. If you are highly extraversion, you like to socialize with everyone in society. If you are an introvert, you only want to spend time with your partner. Uk bride looking for Indian groom likes this the most as Indian men are not shy, quiet and extrovert. However, after marriage, it is noticed they become more introverted as they only want to tell things to their wives wanted to spend time with their partner for starting few years.

There is nothing surprising that marital satisfaction went down for both husband and wives as increasing years in marriage. Many couples in their 20s are likely to be attracted to each other, but which is the age of career, studies, etc., but eventually, they do this later in their lives with time.

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