Dealing with rejection, handle with care!

Dealing With Rejection, Handle With Care!

Everyone has certain dreams or goals which they wish to attain. It can be as little as being able to wake up early in the morning or as huge as starting your own startup company. Whatever your goal is, it is really very hard to achieve and the moment when you achieve your goal you feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. No doubt the fruits of success are sweet but it is a known fact that success comes only after dealing with a lot of rejection. If you or any of your friends or family members are finding it difficult to handle a rejection that they witnessed in any aspect of their life then you must check out or list of a few suggestions that can help a person overcome the sadness of rejection and proceed towards success.

Dealing With Rejection, Handle With Care!

Nature always heals

If you or your friend have faced rejection in any aspect of life, whether it is a relationship or a job interview; you can always rely upon nature to help you Heal with the effect that it has on you. you can order flowers online and give them to your friends for making them feel better and console them for the future and tell them that something betters wait for them or you can spend time with nature so that you can get some time to heal

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An opportunity to improve

The best part about rejection or failure is that they teach you lessons and if you fail to Grab that lesson or learn something from it then the real failure happens. So instead of taking the rejection to heart, you shall take it as an opportunity to improve and understand that if you have been rejected then there must have been a shortcoming and you need to work upon it so that the next time you do not have any shortcoming. therefore no rejection at all. 

Something better awaits

As has been set in the scriptures and advocated by the Gurus or Mahatma it is true that when one door closes and several other Windows of opportunities open their way for you. It is in the sorrow and grief of the rejection that you fail to observe the other opportunities that are there for you. So even if you have faced a rejection this time. There are many other chances for you. There are many other better opportunities waiting for you or better people waiting for you so you need not take rejection to heart. 

Work upon something else

So what if you have come across failure in one aspect of life. It’s OK to be bad at something or to fail at something. However, it would be pathetic if you stop making efforts because of the fear of rejection. So even if you have been rejected by a person or by a company, you can work upon something else because there are many pursuits that a person can engage in. 

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Take a break

No doubt it is difficult to face rejection and overcome it but you can try dealing with it. Instead of thinking about it, again and again, you can take a break from everyone and everything and spend your time alone or spend your time with strangers. You can try meditation or anything else that would help you. The idea is to feel better. 

Gifts as tokens of love and care

If you know a friend who is going through a tough time because of rejection in her love life or her professional life then you must do something to make them feel better. You can make them feel happy or surprise them through online flowers delivery in Mumbai along with a greeting card for a love note that can motivate them to be optimistic and hope for the future. 

Instead of crying over the rejection or telling yourself or everyone else that you could not make it. just decide that no matter if you were not able to make it this time, you will make a promise to yourself that the next time, ” I shall be able to do it and I will definitely get this job or this position. so that I never have to do that again or I never have to face rejection again. so that I do not have to end up being in the same tragic situation as I am now. “Simply focus on your goals and continue with the hard work . It will surely get you success one day.

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