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Creative Content Types Writers Should Be Aware Of

The terms “content writing” and “creative writing” are often used interchangeably and are frequently misunderstood. However, when you examine these two roles closely, you will notice that they are significantly different. In other words, what is creative content writing? Who are these article writers who are both experts and professionals? Considering this career, why should a content writer be passionate about it? What is the earning potential of this career?

According to Prism, one of the content writing companies in Dubai, content that arises from the writer’s expression of ideas, views, or thoughts is referred to as creative writing. As long as it entertains its audience, it can be academic, professional, journalistic, or technical. 

The free-flowing style of writing keeps the reader interested. Using creative words, a writer can also convey emotions or paint a beautiful picture in the minds of their readers. Blogs, novels, handbooks, newspapers, magazines, websites, and newsfeeds all require creative content writing. 

Setting up a business, raising awareness, and sharing information are all advantages of creatively produced content. This captures the reader’s interest, establishes credibility, and remains in the reader’s memory for a longer time.

Let’s take a look at the different forms of creative content. That everyone should be aware of now that we’ve established what creative content writing is.

Email writing

Email marketing is now a critical component of any company’s marketing strategy. For companies, it is seen as a very convenient mode of communication. It maintains a direct line of communication with the intended audience. Value-focused or sales emails offer emails, and lead creation emails are all examples of email writing. The content marketing services in Dubai of Prism Digital can help you in writing emails. That will appeal to and engage with your target market regularly.

Ads scriptwriting

An advertising script’s objective is to provide a means for a service or product to commercially sold. By writing a good advertisement script, you will be able to keep consumers’ attention. Make your brand known, and attract the audience towards your product or service. Scripts for advertisements contain fewer words, but their impact must be magnified. 

Press release

Providing a creatively written press release can attract valuable media attention, as well as allow the company to shape the story. In addition to serving as a marketing tool, it can generate interest and demand, especially if you optimize it regularly. This is an excellent content marketing tool that can help a company gain exposure.

Video content

Any material format that incorporates or includes a form of video is referring to as video content. Vlogs, animated GIFs, live videos, client testimonials, recording presentations, and webinars are all examples of video content that can find nowadays. You can use any compatible medium to publish your creative content as a video. Video is without a doubt one of the most important promotional techniques available today. This is just one of the fields where Prism Digital excels.


As mysterious as it sounds, ghostwriting simply involves writing content for another person without taking credit. You might employ a ghostwriter to rewrite and enhance. The current copy if you need a new copy for a website. Writing ad or company copy, or delivering new or updated information for personal or professional use, are all examples of related types of work. 

Sometimes books are also written by ghostwriters. They can name the ghostwriter as a co-author or editor or if the book’s author wants to share some credit with the ghostwriter; if not, the ghostwriter will write the book and the author will take full credit. Writing copy with high quality and creativity should be the main goal of a ghostwriter.

Script for a podcast

The structure and direction of your podcast episode can be provided by a well-written script. You can use your show for an ideal target audience if you have a written content and a direction for your show. You can express your marketing messaging in an easygoing, creative, and free-flowing manner by utilizing podcast scripts. 

Today, every company is constantly implementing innovative and distinctive content marketing tactics to stay on top of its game. Without originality or creativity, campaigns tend to fade quickly from memory. It is, therefore, crucial to building a sustainable, long-term relationship with your audience through your content.  As a result, you must pay special attention to how you communicate your ideas. To your customers if you want to increase the value of your brand. If you need help in this area Prism digital content writing can help you, they have a team of specialists that can do this job for you.

A wide range of writing formats and styles are covering by creative content.  To apply literary skills to express your thoughts, views, and individuality is the goal of creative content writing. Today’s best marketing approach is to maximize your creative content in order to optimize your results. 

If you’re looking for content writing services in Dubai, look no further than Prism Digital. Their exceptional team is always ready to meet your needs, ensuring that your company stays ahead of the competition. Call them right now at 04-332-0808 to enlist them and expect to get things to do quickly because of  the benefit of your business.

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