Corona Kavach: Your Ultimate Protection Against the Coronavirus

Corona Kavach: Your Ultimate Protection Against the Coronavirus

Since there are still many coronavirus infections in India, people are always looking for ways to protect themselves and their families.

People worldwide are doing their best to protect themselves by adhering to all safety regulations, using masks appropriately, and adhering to social distance standards. In addition, Covid Kavach, the covid-specific health insurance plan, has been mandated by all general and health insurance firms in India following IRDAI recommendations to enable patients to feel more comfortable.

If someone tests positive for Covid-19 infection, the Corona Kavach policy aims to cover hospitalisation, pre-post hospitalisation, home care treatment costs, and much more. In this post, you will discover all about the Corona Kavach plan, its inclusions and for whom it is for.

What Is Corona Kavach?

There is no indication that COVID-19 will terminate any time soon. Therefore, the Covid Kavach Policy, as required by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), took into account all the variables and potential future risks.

The Covid Kavach Policy is an indemnity-based health insurance plan that covers hospitalisation costs if the insured person is found to have Covid-19. A typical health insurance plan gives access to top-notch medical care and covers all medical expenses associated with Covid-19.

What Are The Inclusions Of Corona Kavach?

One should know that the policy will not cover any other treatment unrelated to covid19. One can get Corona Kavach plan as an individual or family floater plan where individuals between 18 to 65 years can get the relief. Let’s look at what is covered under the Corona Kavach health insurance policy:

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Hospitalisation Expenses

It covers many expenses, including bed fees, nursing costs, blood tests, PPE kits, oxygen, ICU, doctor consultations, and more.

Pre Hospitalisation Cover

Before being admitted to the hospital, medical costs for diagnoses, exams, and consultations with doctors must be paid. The insurance policy covers such costs 15 days before hospitalisation. Additionally, the diagnostic fees for Covid-19 are covered.

Post Hospitalisation Cover

You will get coverage for medical costs incurred up to 30 days after hospital discharge.

Home Care Expenses

It will cover medical costs for up to 14 days’ worth of medication if you are receiving treatment for coronavirus at home.

Ayush Treatment

Additionally, it supports the therapeutic efficacy of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and homoeopathic medicine. It offers all the styles of treatments that you desire.

Road AmbulanceCover

Up to a certain amount, ambulance transfers from home to hospital or hospital to home are also reimbursed.

Who Should Get Covid Kavach Health Insurance?

The covid kavach policy is all-inclusive in scope, and everyone may benefit from it. It is the ideal option for people and their families who do not have access to health insurance. Additionally, those without enough coverage should look forward to purchasing this policy to insure themselves, at least against the coronavirus.

Furthermore, you should exercise extra caution and get the proper care if you have any underlying illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, etc. Therefore, having a medical plan is crucial since it will protect you from the dangerous COVID-19 virus with appropriate treatment.

The Bottom Line

Buy Corona Kavach health insurance for yourself and your family, and be prepared to beat the virus with financial and medical support. Niva Bupa has sufficient insurance coverage at feasible premium rates. Also, its representatives will assist you in choosing the best health care insurance plan based on your medical history and family requirements. You can avail yourself of a  corona policy online, on the telephone or by visiting the branch.

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