Core roles and responsibilities of cloud development Team

Core roles and responsibilities of cloud development Team

To use the full potential of a cloud team you need to use to set up a functional team with the right people in the right places. Thus then only we can juice out the maximum efficiency out of cloud development.

Moving into an ecosystem of cloud can be a risky move where in comparison to conventional setup the partial control is under some other IT company. Whereas you have to team up with the third-party cloud services provider. Whereas with the inclusion of cloud computing one can use its potential to reach new heights in terms of efficiency and productivity.

It requires skills and diligent effort to master cloud computing services and technical skills. You can click on the following link  to experience excellent cloud services provided by one of the renowned IT services companies.

For having a successful cloud team development you must have a team of people with the right skills and experience in their respective genres of work.

Core roles and responsibilities of cloud development Team

 Understand a perfect team composition

For the record, there is nothing such perfect word in the world of a cloud development team. But a dedicated team is always appreciated when we need to build a near-perfect development team in terms of cloud computing as well as its development. Therefore there are certain basic goals that need to be fulfilled and we need to consider them at first sight. They are –

  1. Migration of local data center from the existing ecosystem to a new setup called cloud.
  2. To develop and invent a new application that will run errorless on the cloud setup.
  3. To rebuilt or redevelop the existing apps so that they can run on the newly migrated cloud ecosystem.
  4. Security and storage of existing data on the cloud.
  5. Augment and improve the cloud architectural platforms for running applications efficiently.
  6. Perfect utilization of resources to keep the cost of the cloud ecosystem at the lowest possible expenses.
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Therefore we need a team where the members work with full dedication following the right work ethics to reach the best possible outcome in cloud development.

  1. Business head

A business head is popularly known as a business leader, they are the person who runs the development team with efficient leadership. In other words, he runs the responsibility of representing the stakeholders and keeping the cost input of the project low with maximum output performance. In fact, they act as the bridge between and the upper management to convey the required work to do in a certain period of time. They have the responsibility of making decisions, developing policies, training of right skills for team members, etc.

  1. Project manager

It is most common that IT experts don’t possess the high value of management skills and the ability to organize team management successfully. To fill this void of the team the business organization gives this management-level work to a project manager. In this manner, the project manager channels the gap between the team of IT experts and the company stakeholders or owner.

  1. Cloud Architect 

A cloud architect is a designation in an IT company whose responsibility is to take charge of the strategy planned for the growth of the company. He is the guy who has tremendous knowledge and experience of cloud operations, services, resources, and running applications over a cloud computing system.

A cloud architect in the team must have dextrous skills in services like Azure, Google, AWS, etc. with the right skills they can only understand granular issues of the malfunction and can come up with the most accurate solutions.

  1. Cloud engineer 

iN a cloud development, a cloud engineer is a designation whose work is to apply, regular monitoring and maintenance of the cloud computing ecosystem. They work on the setup and control the work that is initiated by the cloud architect of the team. Therefore the cloud engineer requires a number of skills such as setting up and restructuring the resources. Thus it includes the operation of storage, servers, networks, and a plethora of cloud services.

  1. Software developer 

A software developer is a member of the team in cloud development who develops cloud applications by programming and rigorous testing so that they will run successfully in real-life scenarios. Developers must be experts in relation to cloud development skills. some time if the workload is large then several teams of software developers work together for proving uninterrupted cloud-based services.

  1. Security 

In the modern age, any IT company primarily focuses on its data security. So the responsibility is given to a cloud security expert, whose responsibility is to make sure that all security measures are following properly and there is no data leakage happening. Security specialist ensures that vulnerabilities to be identified and all security flaws to be fixed without any data compromises.

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