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Throughout the course of the past two years, a dynamic shift was observed due to the pandemic in all walks of life, especially the business sector. To cope with the effects of it, businesses opted for various marketing trends to promote their brand. But the main question is, were they the right tactics when your brand is taken into consideration. It is very important to be in the know so that you don’t lag behind and you can never go wrong with effective content marketing. If done correctly, it can help in growing your business and strengthening your relationship with the customers. According to the recent stats, some of the positive effects of great content marketing include increased conversion rate, sales, etc.

It is basically about figuring out the needs of your audience, if you can do that, the journey to the top would prove to be much easier. Prioritizing content marketing can help you do that. 

At Make My Website, we always strive to provide the best services to our clients, which is why we’ve compiled a list of content marketing tips and trends that you need to follow to stay on top of your game.

Create a better version of your existing content strategy:

The quality of your content can cause a paradigm shift in your business’ conversion rate. Not only that, it also affects your website’s ranking. 

It is great if you can gain new customers because of the top notch quality content, but is it good enough to retain your old customers? 

Some steps that you can take to retain your customers include-

  • Keep your website’s content upgraded and keep up with trends that help improve user experience.
  • Once a product becomes a customer favorite, does not mean you can stop marketing it.
  • Make use of attractive promotional content and offers to market your products.

Play with the visual senses of your audience:

It has been scientifically proven that people are attracted to visuals more than the things they read. So including high quality, attractive images in your content is a must. 

But why limit yourself to images when you have technologies like augmented reality right at your fingertips. Introduce an augmented shopping experience to your customers. 

Keep up with the trend, make use of AI:

Artificial intelligence can help you predict a customer’s buying pattern and create a more personalized experience with them. Creating content according to your audience’s needs can help create a better relationship with them and increase sales. 

You can also make AI chatbots a part of your customer service to cater to a customer’s needs 24*7. Customers expect instant response from businesses and AI chatbots can help decrease the workload by a huge margin. 

Top-notch Search Engine Optimisation:

Optimising your content means optimising your site. You need to ensure that your content is not repetitive for it to be indexed by search engines. It is really important for it to be indexed as most users do not go beyond the first page of results. 

High quality content means that it should contain all the keywords, attract customers and answer their queries as well.

Incorporate Voice Search:

More convenience for the customers means more conversion rate. Incorporating a voice search services in your content/ website can help you greatly as can be seen by the rise in sales of voice-activated devices. 

Use real-life examples:

Incorporating reviews and stories of customers’ experience in your content can aid you in maintaining a certain level of trust and transparency with your customers. Using your existing customers’ testimonials is a great way to do that. If your customers trust you then the chances of them staying on board and availing your services for a longer period of time increase.

The threat of the pandemic has not subsided yet. As the market fully recovers from its past effects, the competition is going to get real tough. So adopting these content marketing strategies might help businesses to stay afloat and soar. 

Creating high quality content can be quite a headache for beginners or even experienced business owners as it is a time-consuming process. 

At Make My Website, we have a team of experts for curating content from scratch as well as for marketing. To avail our services, you can get in touch with us at / 1300769302 or visit our website to know more.

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