Constructive Tips for Maintaining RO Water Purifier

The RO water purifier uses a multi-level system to filter the water and make it suitable for drinking. 

Besides the Reserve Osmosis (RO), the Kent water purifier uses advanced technologies and purification methods to remove unwanted impurities and excess minerals and salts like Fluoride, which is harmful if consumed extra. 

Thus, it is mandatory to regularly maintain those water purifiers, their filters and other equipment also. So, let’s look at some unchallenging tips for maintaining RO water purifiers. 

It is natural to see drips and leaks in the water purifiers sometime after installation, but these things shouldn’t disregard, considering them a minor problem. Instead, even if you see a minor leak or drip, it’s better to hunt for Kent RO service near me Gurgaon and book the appointment. The expert will thoroughly inspect the cleaner to know the cause of leakage and the damage to the machine. 

  • Change the Water Filters 

Water filters are one of the delicate items of water purifiers and need frequent replacement, i.e., after three months or so. The duration can vary depending upon the usage. The reason is that water contamination clogs the water filter pores, reducing the filters’ filtration capacity. In extreme cases, the impurities are conveyed even in filtered water. Thus to ensure that you’re drinking clean and safe water, encourage water filter replacement thrice or quadruple times a month. 

  • Sanitize the Tank 

It is normal to see bacterial growth in the RO tank, and the water purifier system is not designed to remove the in-vitro bacterial growth. Therefore it is mandatory to clean and sanitize the RO tank regularly. The recommended period for RO tank sanitization is once a year, but to see the best results, you must sanitize the tank while replacing the RO water filters. 

  • RO Membrane Replacement 

Like the RO filters, the RO membranes also need to be replaced. RO membranes are semi-permeable membranes regulating the solutes entering the drinking water, eliminating the additional particles. 

The RO membrane must be replaced once in two or three years for satisfactory performance. Also, the membrane replacement majorly depends upon two factors, i.e. its usage and water quality. If the water quality is sufficient enough and you have moderate RO water filter usage, then the RO membrane must be replaced for a maximum of 5 years. 

  • Compulsory Annual Service 

Every machine, from minor to significant, needs an annual inspection to keep it running for longer. Likewise, your RO water purifier requires yearly maintenance, so hire the best professional for Kent RO service near me Gurgaon, to elude severe and unwanted problems with the machine. 

Other Miscellaneous Ways for Maintaining RO Water Purifier 

  1. Keeping the Exteriors Clean 

Likewise, the exterior of the RO water purifiers must be spotless, and you can use soapy water and light scrub. Ensure that you properly clean the tap attached to the water purifier as they have higher chances of fluoride and algae accumulation. 

  1. Replacing Carbon and Sediment Filters 

The sediment and carbon filter also needs to be replaced once a year. Otherwise, you can easily see negative impacts on the drinking water, i.e. differences in visual appearance and taste. The carbon filters remove the excess chlorine from the water and the sediment filters eliminate dust, debris and more. 

  1. Introducing a Softener 

Softeners work best with RO membranes because the calcium and magnesium in hard water tend to damage the RO membrane. So, by introducing a softener, you’re extending the machine’s durability and functionality. 


It is not necessary and practically possible that you replace, clean and maintains every component of an RO water purifier by yourself. Therefore to avoid damage to the machine, it’s better to call for a professional Kent RO service and enjoy safe and clean drinking water.

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