Comparison between Blackberry and Blueberry cannabis strain

Blackberry and Blueberry are two high-quality strains that share similar characteristics. Both have an enticing cannabinoid profile that tastes like sweet, dark fruit. Both are THC-rich strains with a friendly and potent high.

Expert growers love these strains’ bag-appeal; the pervasive perfume of lush forest fruit and dark cherries teases the smoking pleasure that comes. The buds’ blue and purple dots stand out brilliantly against the bright orange hairs and white trichome coating. They’re both highly desirable strains for any cannabis grower, but which one is the best?

Cannabis seed genetics: Blackberry vs. Blueberry

Despite some similarities in look and aroma, the genetic histories of Blackberry and Blueberry cannabis strains differ significantly. Blackberry is often a Sativa/Indica hybrid strain with genetics derived from Black Domina and Raspberry Cough. The feminized seed form has a bloom time of about ten weeks.

It’s worth noting that there are various variations on the Blackberry genetic line, including some high THC auto flower seeds called Auto Blackberry Kush. These genetics result from Hash Plant x Blueberry and frequently result in plants with magnificent, eye-catching blue/purple blossoms and the trademark sweet blackberry flavor.

Blueberry is a well-known cannabis strain. The original version of the Seed Supreme dates back to the 1970s. Blueberry seeds are Indica dominant, have won multiple cannabis cups, and produce medium-sized yields rather than huge or XL harvests. This does not concern the thousands of repeat Blueberry producers who are quality-conscious and prefer top-shelf buds.

Blueberry provides a very euphoric and intense high and notably relaxing physical and mental effects, making it popular with recreational and medical users. Blueberry is a staple variety available from Seed Supreme in ordinary cannabis seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflower seeds (Auto Blueberry). Breeders have actively employed regular blueberry seeds worldwide in the development of new strains.

Flowering time of a blackberry vs. a blueberry strain

When cultivating ordinary cannabis seeds or feminized seeds, the Indica dominant Blueberry takes about eight weeks to blossom. Blackberry has a slightly longer bloom time, roughly ten weeks, with probably a Sativa impact. However, both strains are relatively simple to grow in bloom. Blueberry has lower stretch levels than Blackberry and may be suitable for growing spaces with limited vertical space/headroom.

The speedy development cycle of auto-flowering strains harboring these Blueberry/Blackberry cannabis traits, such as Auto Blueberry and Auto Blackberry Kush, is worth noting. After sprouting the auto flower seeds, Auto Blueberry and Auto Blackberry Kush can be harvested in as little as 8-9 weeks!

As a result, they are among the quickest growing cannabis seeds accessible. Blueberry, Auto Blueberry, and Auto Blackberry Kush are members of the award-winning and highly regarded Blue family of cannabis seeds.

Harvest potential of blackberries vs. blueberries

The yield of blueberry seeds is categorized as Medium (‘M’). As a result, some producers may choose out of growing blueberries. Those who grow for themselves, on the other hand, are more likely to value quality above quantity. As a result, despite their medium-yielding status, Blueberry feminized seeds are nevertheless as popular as ever. Quality is always in vogue!

The yield of blackberry seeds is higher. On the other hand, the bloom time is significantly longer. Auto Blueberry has the same ‘Medium’ yield rating as her feminized seed sister when auto-flowering cannabis seeds. On the other hand, Auto Blackberry Kush is classified as a high-yielding strain. Anyone looking for large harvests with Auto Blackberry genetics should be confident, especially in a well-optimized grow room outfitted with powerful LED lights.

Cannabinoids and terpene profiles of blackberry and blueberry

The specific cannabinoid and terpene profile will be determined by the phenotypes, grow room circumstances, and grower experience. Both Blueberry and Blackberry strains should perform well under optimal conditions.

LED grow lights are generally advised for professional growers that want to get the most out of their cannabis seeds and attain THC levels of 20 percent (or more). LED maximizes cannabinoid and terpene profiles due to its inherent lower heat output (and improved light spectrum). It is recommended that people striving for maximal THC levels use a UVA/UVB auxiliary light for 2-3 hours each day during a final couple of weeks of bloom.

Caryophyllene, limonene, linalool, beta myrcene, and beta-pinene are among the terpenes found in high concentrations in Auto Blueberry. THC levels are high, and CBG levels of roughly 0.8 percent have been detected in Blueberry buds.

Auto Blackberry Kush has a delicious terpene profile as well. The top five terpenes in sequence are limonene, beta-caryophyllene, terpinolene, alpha-pinene, and beta myrcene. CBG levels have been seen to be around 0.85 percent, with CBC levels slightly higher than usual at about 0.3 percent.

Potency and effects of blackberry vs. blueberry

The incredibly pleasurable effects of both strains are something that both Blackberry and Blueberry lovers will agree on. Blueberry may be a better choice for folks who prefer Indica effects. It’s an excellent strain for relaxing, chilling out, and simply enjoying the moment.

Blueberry is mostly Indica, but a touch of Sativa gives it the pleasant and rounded effects that have pleased a generation of repeat growers. Blueberry (and her many offspring) are still as popular as ever in coffee shops, social clubs, and dispensaries.

Blackberry is more suited to Sativa users. The Sativa effects will be more noticeable, and the slightly more stimulating effects may suit those who enjoy the creative or artistic activity.

The number of cannabinoids produced will, of course, be affected by the growing environment. However, neither blueberry nor blackberry growers have reported any potency or side effects complaints.

You will maximize THC levels with decent LED illumination with UVA/UVB auxiliary lights and a controlled atmosphere. It is usually best to keep your plants in the nutrient sweet spot,’ without under or overfeeding.

When should you pick Blackberry or Blueberry cannabis seeds?

Most growers would benefit from using either Blueberry or Blackberry cannabis seeds. Those looking for a speedier yield may prefer Blueberry feminized seeds, as the Indica genetics ripen a week or two sooner than Blackberry.

Blueberries have a famous reputation among old-school farmers. Blueberry genotypes are solid and dependable, with many thousands of repeat growers. Some people refuse to cultivate anything else, and it’s worth noting that Blueberry cannabis seeds have been the connoisseur’s pick for decades.

However, photoperiod Blackberry has her own set of fans who enjoy the dark berry flavors, sweet taste, and fantastic bag appeal. Blackberry fans who detest the somewhat longer ten-week bloom time (for the photoperiod variety) should consider cultivating some Auto Blackberry Kush seeds. The speed of the auto version is hard to surpass, with seed to harvest intervals as little as 60 days.

Autoflower seeds thoroughly deserve their well-deserved reputation for speed, ease of development, and overall grower convenience. If you require a crop in a couple of months, Auto Blueberry or Auto Blackberry Kush seeds are ideal. Both strains are among Seed Supreme’s fastest-growing cannabis seeds.

Instead of photoperiod Blackberry, Auto Blackberry Kush has a greater Indica leaning. This does not detract from her quality; she placed second in the auto-flowering category at the 2018 Highlife Cannabis Cup. The judges were delighted with the overall performance, yield, and potency. Auto Blackberry Kush just missed out on first place!

Kush enthusiasts will enjoy Auto Blackberry Kush, as the spicy signature aroma elevates excitement levels even before the buds are vaped/smoked. Blue and purple hues in the thick buds contribute to the sensation of luxury. Even before they are consumed, these buds appear to be extraordinary! Auto Blackberry Kush is one of Seed Supreme’s best-selling auto flower seeds.

It has an elegant vibe due to the smooth, powerful impacts. Auto Blackberry Kush produces solid buds with THC levels over 20% in ideal settings. This places her in Seed Supreme’s Very High THC cannabis seed collection, which houses some of the most potent strains the company has ever cultivated!

Auto Blueberry is still a staff favorite, as it is beautifully fruity with a sweet flavor and pleasurable effects that endure for several hours. The sense of anticipation that comes with smoking a specific strain frequently signals the true quality that awaits. Few strains have the sensation of tension that Blueberry genetics provide. Blueberry cannabis genotypes have remained popular for many years, and good reason!

Blackberry vs. Blueberry cannabis seeds for your next growth?

Choosing the next strain of cannabis seeds for your following to grow is never easy! It is difficult to choose between two excellent strains, which demonstrates that each has its own set of advantages. Making a wrong choice isn’t something to be terrified of because both possibilities are promising.

It could be a good idea to start by limiting your options to feminized or auto flower seeds. Remember that auto flower seeds can grow and complete swiftly even in temperate areas. In Mediterranean regions, 2-3 consecutive outdoor crops may be achievable per year. It may also benefit you if you first determine which company you want to buy cannabis seeds from. This may reduce your options to a smaller set, making it easier to choose.

Do your homework, try to read some grow reviews, and make sure you’re ordering from a trustworthy cannabis seed supplier that has stood the test of time.

Good luck and have fun with your next crop! And remember, if you’ve ever had to choose between several equally appealing strains, the Seed Supreme could help. It just asks you a few questions about your growth preferences, growth circumstances, experience, amount of time available for growing, and so on before making the best cannabis seed suggestions for you.

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