Comcast channel packages prices

Comcast channel packages prices

I researched and talked to my family, who has had Xfinity TV for many years, to figure out what I think of it.

Do they deserve to be bought? How do they differentiate themselves from their competitors? For more information, visit this page.

For more information, keep reading.

Should You Get Xfinity TV?

I don’t find Xfinity TV to be horrible. I don’t see it as spectacular, but I find it acceptable for most people. In addition to their internet service, Xfinity offers other benefits that make this especially true. Bundling their services makes their prices very competitive.

Then I would recommend finding a provider who offers excellent TV services if you only need TV. You may pay more than necessary since DISH and DIRECTV often have competitive bids.

Comcast Xfinity Cable TV Packages & Prices in 2022

You can choose an offer based on your area for Xfinity TV. Pricing and packages vary considerably by region. They are listed below.

Central/South region

Package Promo Price* Channels

Choice TV $20.00/mo. 10+

Popular TV $60.00/mo. 125+

Ultimate TV $80.00/mo. 185+

Unless otherwise indicated, this data is based on the most recent update at the time of publication. There may be differences in these offers based on the location and the time.

Northeast Region

Package Promo Price* Channels

Limited Basic $24.75/mo. 10+

Choice Limited TV $30.00/mo. 10+

Extra $68.22/mo. 125+

Digital Preferred $69.99/mo. 185+

Digital Premier $89.99/mo. 185+

Currently, the data has not been updated since the date of this post. Locations and times may affect these offers.

West Region

Package Promo Price* Channels

Popular TV (one-year contract) $49.99/mo. 125+

Ultimate TV (one-year contract) $59.99/mo. 185+

Popular TV (no-contract) $60.00/mo. 125+

Ultimate TV (no-contract) $78.50/mo. 185+

There have been no updates since this post was published. These offers may vary based on location and time.

Best Xfinity TV Packages

We have compiled a list of the best offers from each region in the following section. We will find your best recommendation based on your circumstances and what you want.

The package promo price and the channels by region are listed below

It’s only $69.99 a month with Digital Preferred. More than 185 northeastern states

The Popular TV package (with a one-year contract) costs $49.99/month. In the west, 125+

The popular TV package costs $60.00 per month. Central/Southern 125+

The data has been updated as of the publication date. You may find different offers based on where you are and the time.

Xfinity Sports Channels

The following sports channels are available on Xfinity TV:

  • NFL Network
  • MLB Network
  • ESPN Buzzer Beater
  • NBA TV
  • ESPN Goal Line
  • MLS Direct Kick
  • NHL Network
  • Golf Channel

Pay-per-view is the preferred method of watching boxing, wrestling, and other significant sporting events.

Those who love basketball and ice hockey can purchase NBA League Passes and NHL Center Ice cards. No matter where you are, each pass gives you access to 40 games per week.

Comcast Xfinity TV Bundles & Deals

You may also be able to get internet with your TV package. Purchasing these services separately is often more expensive than bundling them.

Comcast Xfinity TV Promotions

You can also take advantage of special offers and promotions when you sign up for Xfinity services. Multi-service bundles are a great idea.

It works similarly to an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku when you subscribe to Xfinity TV service or internet.

The Peacock Premium package is included free with Xfinity TV and internet. As you probably already know, this streaming service offers more than 40,000 hours of content.

There are a few appealing offers from Xfinity, but some seem dubious. They claim you can save $10 monthly on your bill by enabling automatic and paperless billing. The $10 discount is already included in their advertised prices. Consequently, rather than seeing it as an offer, it could be considered a penalty.

Xfinity’s premium channels are also included in some high-tier bundles. The possible candidates for this category are Netflix, HBO, and Showtime.

Bundling multiple Xfinity services could save you up to $30 a month.

Contract vs. No-Contract plans

It is typical for Xfinity TV contracts to last between one and two years. The first year will be cheaper than the second or third year in this situation.

When the lower price doesn’t affect your decision to move, you may find these offers attractive. The early cancellation penalty is charged if you cancel the plan early.

The remaining contract months usually cost you around $10/month.

You might decide that a no-contract plan is most appropriate if you move soon. However, wait until you have settled into your new home.

If you want a no-contract plan, it will cost you $10 more per month. A lower early cancellation fee is applied if you have already paid for at least half of the contract.

When choosing between the two, keep this in mind.

The Hidden Costs of Comcast Xfinity TV

You’ll also have to pay other fees on your Xfinity bill in addition to taxes. A few dollars may be required depending on where you live.

Furthermore, it would be best to keep in mind that your prices may go up by as much as $30 after your promotional period has ended. Usually, this period lasts between one and two years.

Comcast Xfinity Cable TV Availability

Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Voice, and Xfinity TV are all compatible. Therefore, whenever you have one benefit, you can use the other.

Below is a map showing the availability of Xfinity TV in 40 states.

Comcast Xfinity Equipment

The following is a list of what you will get with your Xfinity TV subscription.

Xfinity X1

Xfinity offers recording options if you are unable to watch live programs. You will need one subscription box for each TV, which costs $7,50.

All packages include DVR storage. With an X1 recording capacity of 20 hours, you can easily record and save 20 hours of programming. According to [2],

If you need more than 20 hours, we can offer you a 150-hour or 300-hour package. You will have to pay an additional $10 and $20 per month.

Since most people can delete everything they’ve seen, they won’t need it, as far as I know. People who enjoy watching television might find it a great option.

You will receive one of three boxes, depending on your location and availability. There are some differences between the boxes, but they are all similar in terms of features.

When buying a standard HD TV box, you should look for the RNG150N model. This model does not support voice control. If you want to be sure, you should avoid this model. Get in touch with Xfinity’s representative if you would like to place an order.

Xfinity Flex

If you don’t need a TV package but already have Xfinity Internet, consider Flex.

Reliable and free. You can use many apps to stream on-demand content, including Pluto, Tubi, Xumo, YouTube, and many others. Aside from more than 200 channels, the package includes more than 10,000 movies (Xfinity alone has thousands).

You can also access Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Spotify besides HBO, Netflix, Pandora, and Amazon Prime Video. You can do everything with your Flex device.

As a strategy to keep their customers, Xfinity is not doing this as a gesture of kindness. Switching providers becomes more difficult.

Also, if you’d like a free first Flex device (for another TV), you’ll need to pay $5/month for another one.

Xfinity Voice Remote

Each Flex and X1 Box comes with a voice remote. In terms of functionality, both models are identical, but in terms of appearance, they are different.

Among them are:

  • Voice control
  • Backlit keypad
  • Aim Anywhere feature
  • Automatic pairing
  • Skip 5-minute on live TV or DVR recording
  • Skip 10-minute on Xfinity On Demand
  • Accessibility features like Closed Captioning, video description, and voice guidance
  • TV input control

Comcast Xfinity Add-ons

The Xfinity service can be streamed in a few different ways. The following are some of them:

Xfinity Stream App

You can access the Xfinity Stream App for free if you have an Xfinity TV subscription. There is no limit to how you can watch Xfinity’s content, whether it’s on your TV, your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone.

For example, you can watch live channels from various channels (depending on your plan) on Xfinity’s live stream.

As well as managing parental controls, this app lets you set up DVR recordings. It was a fast and convenient app to use.

Using the Xfinity Stream app, you can stream Xfinity Stream on up to five devices simultaneously. This provider provides a more significant number of streams than other providers (such as DISH), which only allow one stream per user.

Also available for download are movies and programs. Offline viewing is possible as a result.

Xfinity On-Demand

A few Xfinity TV packages include Xfinity On-Demand. With thousands of movies, TV shows, and episodes available to rent or buy, the titles are easily accessible.

There is also the option to download movies and series. When you’re on an airplane, you’re watching them offline.

However, I still found Xfinity On-Demand helpful, even though it wasn’t as comprehensive as I’d expected. There seems to be a similarity between all streaming services nowadays.


One of Comcast’s streaming services, Peacock, is owned by Xfinity, which owns Xfinity. Therefore, Peacock Premium is included with every TV and internet plan.

There is an advertisement for each plan. There is a free version, a premium version, and an ad-free version.

Advertisement pricing hours of streamed content

I’ll give it away for free to 40,000+3 peacocks

There is a Peacock Premium subscription available for $4.99 per month for 40,000+3 users

60,000+ 3 for $9.99/month Peacock Premium Plus

Adding ads to Peacock premium is a bad idea. Don’t waste your money!

The free version of their software, however, is outstanding. My search resulted in a large amount of content.

The Peacock premium service also includes live sports events, although offline viewing is unavailable. Neither of these features is available in free versions, while Premium Plus versions have both.

The free version is recommended to start with and then move up to the paid version if you like it.

Comcast Xfinity TV vs. the Competition

In particular, Comcast Xfinity’s TV services are hard to beat, especially when bundled.

Other providers might be able to improve their offers based on your location and current offers.

Here are some options you might be considering.

Spectrum AT&T provided by Xfinity

Prices start at $34.99/month* $64.99/month* $49.99/month*

There are more than ten channels, 160 channels, and 125 channels

The Spectrum TV App is available over Xfinity Stream, DIRECTV Stream, and DIRECTV Stream

A device records six shows at once. A service may record 4-6 shows at once, while a device may record 2-6 shows

It is an initial two-year contract. It is an initial two-year contract.

The data has been updated as of the posting date. There may be differences in these offers depending on the location and time.

Xfinity TV Customer Satisfaction Ratings

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index [4], Xfinity was rated 66/100 in 2021. They still fell behind AT&T, Verizon, DISH, and DIRECTV, despite improving from 63/100 in 2020. Each of them had a higher score.

As measured by J.D. Power, an additional household satisfaction index, Xfinity TV ranked mid-range among TV providers. Spectrum is not above DISH or DIRECTV.

Xfinity and other providers may have different experiences; this is just an average satisfaction score.

My family has had a great experience with Xfinity. Our prices are always negotiated yearly to ensure they remain at their best.

Bottom Line: Is Xfinity TV Worth It?

I think Xfinity TV is worth it if it is bundled with internet service. Bundling it with their phone service can lead to excellent savings.

In this case, I suggest checking out DISH and DIRECTV for the best overall deal. These providers offer similar features at the same price. However, they also provide free Flex access and the X1 device.

Comparing all three offers is the best way to make your choice!


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