Choosing Ceramic Tiles

The choice of materials for bathroom renovation

The bathroom is rightfully considered the most expensive in housing repairs, and it is not worth saving on the purchase of facing material. Finding a reliable bathroom supply store is quiet an important task. Choosing the furniture: from 20 inch bathroom vanity to 84 inch bathroom vanity – is important. But what about the tile? Here is the perfect solution – ceramic tiles, they are great for renovating a bathtub. The construction market sells finishing materials from different manufacturers.

It is essential when choosing a tile to take into account its characteristics. The material’s surface must respond well to changes in temperature and high humidity, not be deformed, and be resistant to detergents, cleaners, and abrasives. Also, it is necessary to purchase tile adhesive for the type of tile for laying.

What color to choose for the bathroom

Manufacturers offer tiles of various colors, sizes, types. When purchasing facing material, you need to consider such parameters of the room as size and lighting. In bathrooms with a small area, it is preferable to lay tiles in light shades, bright bathroom which will visually enlarge it. Otherwise, the flight of fancy is not limited. The coating and color of the wall and floor tiles can be the same or contrasting.

Those who prefer contrasting colors need to beat them with the interior, the ceiling color. The ideal option is to buy tiles of the same color but in different shades. The bottom is trimmed darker, and the upper part of the walls is light, most often separating them with a border – this is a classic.

Decor. To take or not to take

Borders decorative panels increase investments in a bathroom renovation but help to create an original design. We need to take this issue very seriously. Think about which pattern (board) is more interesting to combine with tiles, or it will be decorative tiles borders. And it’s no secret that a beautifully finished bathroom is the owners’ pride. Types of coating thickness, dimensions of facing material Tiles are produced in different thicknesses. A thinner one, approximately 0.6 – 0.9 cm, is suitable for walls. A thicker one is used for laying on the floor – 0.9 – 1.2 cm. Wall tiles are produced in various types: embossed, stone-like, smooth, glossy-glazed, etc.

The choice of tiles in the bathroom

It is advisable to stick tiles with a rough surface in the bathroom to avoid slipping on the floor. If the flooring is smooth, it will not be superfluous to put anti-slip mats on the floor to prevent falling.

How much tiles to buy for bathroom renovation

How much facing material should I buy? This question arises for everyone who needs to make repairs. To calculate the number of tiles, you need to calculate the total area of the bathroom. Measure the location of walls and floor separately. Don’t forget the doorway. When using several colors, separately calculate how much and what color of facing material is needed. Ideally, it would be best if you sketched the bathroom. Decide on the size of the tiles, calculate the number of pieces per square meter and multiply by the area of the walls. When using two or more colors, the amount of material for each color is calculated separately. When calculating the number of tiles in pieces, you must remember the decor elements panels. When tiles are laid, they are cut in places, so you need to buy them with a margin. Experts recommend purchasing material more than ten percent. Supplement All tiles are matched. Its color, characteristics, texture suit the buyer. Now you need to conduct a final inspection of the material. It is essential to check the tile for chips and scratches various inclusions. It must be even.

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