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Party is always good, but when you have a costume it can be even better. With all the friends dressed with the theme and a good decoration, there is no event that misses the excitement. The costume party ends up creating a commitment from the guests, who will have to choose and produce their own costumes. But it’s also a delight for organizers, with so many ideas, themes and creative decorations to choose from. But if you think the themes can be repetitive or the Cosplay Costumes too complicated, don’t worry: we’ve put together tips for preparing the party and lots of photos to inspire you. We will see?

How to Organize A Costume Party

Be it a big party or something more intimate, good organization is necessary for the event to be a success. After all, there are many details to be prepared, from the arrangement of the space to defining what will be served to guests and the surprises. Let’s check out a step by step on how to organize your party so that it comes out in full swing?

Visualize Your Party

First, you will need to decide what kind of party you want to organize. It’s time to think about the size of the event, where it will be held, the number of guests and the budget.

Choose the Location

To choose the perfect space for your costume party, you should consider the number of guests and accessibility (if the guests include elderly, children or the disabled). If the location is already set, you should go the other way around: calculate how many people can comfortably fit.

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Set the Theme

It is the theme of your party that will define the invitation, the decoration, the games and the themed treats. 

Send Invitations In Advance

Enjoy the theme of your party and use all your creativity when creating fun invitations. Send the invitations well in advance so that everyone has time to plan the costume and don’t forget to emphasize that going with character is essential.

Organize the Decoration

In a costume party, the decoration, even if simple, plays an important role for total immersion in the game. It also helps to set the mood, set the scene and keep the energy of the party as expected. Search for cool and easy decorations and get inspired by the photos below. Every detail can make all the difference. The decoration includes sweet and savory tables, decorated delicacies, food related to that theme, lighting, etc.

Plan the Menu

The food and beverage options that will be offered to guests is another asset to achieve the party’s theme. Typical food at a June party, poisoned apples at princess parties, sangrias for Halloween parties.

Miss Universe

Wear a cosmic-inspired little black dress to take on the role of Miss Universe at the next costume party. And don’t forget about the custom band, as it makes all the difference to the look. The Captain America Suit is perfect in this case.


The cactus is a little plant that is in fashion, so it serves as an inspiration to make a creative costume. A tight green dress and flowers on her head evoke the rustic plant.

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Looking for couple costumes? The tip is to choose two Pantone colors that match, such as coral and mint green. Set complementary tones and there will be no error.

Ice cream

The tutu skirt decorated with colorful lines resembles an ice cream ball with candy. In the head, the tip is to use a cone covered with beige paper, to remember the classic cone.

“We Can Do It!”

You’ve probably come across this poster, which is considered a great symbol of the feminist movement. With women’s empowerment on the rise, this ad can inspire fantasy.

Raining Men

How about hanging pictures of famous men on your umbrella? This costume is very simple and will definitely cause a lot of laughs at the party.

Bare nights Party

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Beware Of Budgeting For the Best Costumes for Men

Costumes can range from cheap to very expensive, so it’s important to have an idea of ​​what you’d like to spend. When choosing, always check what is included in the costume, as some costumes will be much cheaper than others when the additions are counted. A costume containing, for example, a shirt, pants, a hat, a wig and a belt, will be a good deal if you can get the cheapest price for a single piece. On the other hand, a one-piece outfit or costume item can cost the same amount, so you need to balance whether or not it works for you and fits your budget.

Also, you should look for promotions. Stores have sales all the time for costumes, especially online and especially if it’s very close to or just after festive dates like Carnival and Halloween. Be sure to check the TV, internet and newspaper ads for upcoming costume deals. By checking the promotions, you can get a great costume for a small price.

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And if you have a lot of waiting time, try importing a costume from China. Just be careful to choose the right size. Which brings us to another criterion?

Have a Deadline in Mind

Make sure you have enough time to find your perfect fancy dress costume. First of all, start thinking a few months ahead and try to allow yourself at least two weeks ahead to start making your costume choice. Though it seems early, thinking ahead gives you the space to do something that fits right in and gives you a chance to change your mind. Try not to buy clothes at the last minute, as this often means that the best costumes have already been taken out, and what is left may not be to your size or to your liking.

Check the Mood on the Day of the Costume Party

Check the mood beforehand, both in the days leading up to the party and on the day itself. This will help you make the right choices about what to wear and whether you can wear an overcoat and tight pants if it’s cold outside or if you need an umbrella if it’s rainy.

If it’s hot, thick pants, a jacket, or a heavy outfit will not be good choices. Avoid layers and wear something thin. Lighter colors are better than darker ones. However, if you need to use layers, I don’t think it’s appropriate. Find another outfit. By the way, always have a suit prepared for hot weather and another one for cold weather. If it’s cold, wear a coat and wear a t-shirt under your outfit so you don’t get cold . Try to choose the outfit that matches the boots too.

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