Channel List For Cox

Channel List For Cox

Most people have trouble finding a good Cox TV plan. Direct TV has a higher monthly bill than most other TV services and a smaller selection of channels.

As long as you don’t mind paying a high price and mediocre channel lineups, Cox cable TV has plenty of excellent features and equipment to offer.

Cox cable TV deals and promotions

We don’t bind our customers to long-term contracts, so we don’t charge extra fees for managing packages. Within 30 days of canceling your service, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

There is currently a free Peacock available with select Cox plans. Freebies and low-income discounts can be found on Cox Deals and Promotions.

Best Cox TV packages

With Cox’s Contour TV Preferred plan, you can access a decent number of cable networks, although the 140+ channels may be misleading (more on that later). The Contour TV Preferred Plus package includes more than 170 channels, including CINEMAX®, HBO Max, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ®.

The Contour TV Preferred Plus bundle is unavailable if you want to pair your TV with internet service.

If you like the features of Contour TV Preferred Plus, you can upgrade to Contour TV Ultimate for $20 more per month. The $20 price hike includes more than 250 channels.

While Contour TV Ultimate is pricey, it is worth the price if you are a fan of many of the available viewing options.

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Our Cox TV experience

Our Cox TV tester has access to Contour TV Ultimate. According to them:

A wide variety of channels is available for everyone. AMC, IFC, and Investigation Discovery are my favorite lifestyle channels. Various sports channels and kid-friendly content for other family members are also available. A big part of what we do is to provide premium movie channels, such as STARZ®.”

Cox TV plans and pricing

When selecting Cox cable TV packages, you should consider more than just channel lineups and equipment.

You can choose from more than 50 “radio” channels on your Cox TV package, as well as local television channels, shopping networks, and music networks.

Rather than paying Cox for channels, you can easily access them for free, and you’d be better off with an over-the-air antenna instead of the Contour TV Starter package. Contour Preferred has some decent cable staples, but Contour TV Starter is a waste of time and money.

For any of the four plans, there is no additional charge (other HD receivers cost $10 each). Because Cox TV plans are already expensive, your monthly payment will go up.

We recommend switching to DISH Network or Spectrum to avoid Cox Contour TV’s limitations.

Cox TV and internet packages

Cox’s TV package isn’t as impressive despite a solid internet package. In addition to offering better channel lineups than Spectrum and Verizon Fios, these companies are also more affordable.

Although Contour TV Preferred does not include all popular channels, Cox’s add-on channel packages are available for an additional $190 a month. The internet speed (500 Mbps) is also plenty for multiple users to surf and stream simultaneously.

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Discover how a Cox cable internet plan without the expensive TV works, or read our detailed review on Cox TV and internet bundles.

Cox cable TV equipment and features

After reading our review, you’re probably okay with Cox cable TV’s high prices. Despite Cox TV’s high price tag, its equipment and features are suitable for premium fans.

Cox Contour DVR

The Cox Contour DVR is one of the best DVRs on the market. If you want high-quality DVR service, you can choose from three tiers:

  • You can record up to two shows simultaneously and store up to 250 hours of HD content: $10 per month.
  • Record up to six shows and store 500 hours of recordings: $20 per month.
    • Up to 24 shows can be recorded with a $30 subscription per month.
  • Most people will be satisfied with the first or second tier. The only people who would benefit from this are those who are so passionate about TV that they are willing to store 1,000 hours of HD content. HD storage is excellent, but we never thought we’d be able to watch 24 things at once.
  • You can search for all your favorite shows at the touch of a button using the Contour 2 Voice Remote, which uses a microphone sensitive enough to pick up your voice without repeated shouts. We’re willing to accept this lower bar even though we’re tired of battling Siri, Alexa, and Okay Google for our attention.
  • Although the product is expensive, it is of good quality. Check out our full Cox Contour DVR review for more information.

Cox Contour app

  • The Cox Contour app is also available to Cox TV subscribers. On top of that, you can watch 150 live channels on the go and download many of the contents for offline viewing (such as on an airplane or camping trip).
  • We reviewed it in detail to give you more information about Cox Contour.
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Cox On Demand

You can watch live TV and access over 150,000 movies and shows on-demand with your Cox TV plan. Even though some of them need to be rented, you still have access to much entertainment (more than Netflix and Amazon Prime combined).

Final take: Are Cox TV packages worth it?

You can get Cox cable service for the basics at a reasonable price or pay more for more. You’ll need to pay more for Cox’s TV to get more features. Additional fees associated with higher prices can be explained on the Cox Hidden Costs page.

Rather than purchasing a standalone TV package from Cox, it would be best if you bought a bundle. The selection of cable channels can be supplemented with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Do you have a choice between Cox and other providers? Our Cox internet and Cox bundle reviews will help you decide if Cox TV is right for you.


To identify the best Cox TV plans, we compared each option’s channel lineups, add-on package options, and standalone prices. Besides comparing standalone plans with bundles, we also compared Cox bundles with standalone programs.

We compared its price and features with those of cable TV competitors with Cox TV and internet. A customer satisfaction survey was also conducted to determine star ratings. Our How We Rank page provides more information about our ranking process.

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