CBD Tangie Feminized

CBD Tangie Feminized

A profound jump into the flavor-forward Tangie strain. Find Tangie’s flavorful terpenes, elevating impacts, and where to observe Tangie seeds available to be purchased. Since forever ago, people have been attracted to a horde of flavors and fragrances. From sharp marijuana blossoms to fine wine, our faculties are consistently on the chase after a superb encounter.

Like wine fans, the pot business has brought forth its sommeliers’ gathering who make it their labor of love to interpret the intricacy of fragrance, flavor, impacts, and terpenes.

Assuming you’re prepared to develop a terpene-forward marijuana strain, look no farther than Tangie. Tangie’s unbelievable fragrance and flavor profile flash profound joy in any individual who encounters it’s chilly blossoms.

Peruse this strain audit to find what makes Tangie so powerful, how to become the Tangie strain.

About Tangie Seeds

Tangie was made by, in all honesty, Dave Crockett from Crockett Family Farms.

As a third-age weed cultivator, Dave Crockett sees how to develop incredible weed. Notwithstanding, Dave acknowledged right off the bat in his vocation that he needed to create something that tasted unique in relation to ordinary Kush assortments.

In 1995, Dave crossed a clone of Cali Orange with the amazing Skunk. The outcome was something that surprised his taste buds. The Tangie seeds delivered sativa-prevailing plants that had a robust heap of terpene and trichome-rich blossoms.

With a bunch of tangerine-bound aroma and taste, Crockett realized he had something that would change the marijuana business. Dave entered Tangie into each pot contest that he could inside eight months – and won each and every honor.

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Presently, Crockett Family Farms as of late converged with DNA Genetics. Before the consolidation, Tangie was principally a clone-just strain. With the assistance of DNA Genetics, you can now observe customary or feminized Tangie seeds.

Developing Tangie Seeds

When you buy cannabis seeds before this, we should investigate a couple of fundamental tips that will assist you with boosting Tangie’s yield potential.

To start with, you should comprehend that Tangie doesn’t quit extending until the fifth seven day stretch of blossoming. With this information, you will not be surprised partially through the blossoming cycle.

Then, your Tangie seeds will create unimaginably fragrant plants. At the end of the day, ensure you fuse a carbon channel assuming you have meddlesome neighbors.

Presently, we should take a gander at Tangie’s qualities and the way in which you can use them to your advantage.

Develop Difficulty:

Tangie is a simple strain to develop.Whether or not this is your first development, Tangie gives a tranquil encounter beginning to end.

Ideal Growing Conditions and Climate:

The best climate to begin your Tangie seeds is in a Mediterranean environment.

Crockett reproduced Tangie in the slopes of the Sierra Nevada in Central California. Consequently, Tangie is familiar with brilliant sun, warmth, and low mugginess.

By and large, Tangie partakes in a temperature range between 72-84°F. Besides, Tangie’s enormous buds benefit from a dampness level of 40-45%.

Indoor and open air cultivators will partake in Tangie’s simplicity-of-development – regardless of whether you use soil or aquaculture frameworks.

Blossoming Time:

Tangie’s sativa-predominance sparkles in its blooming time.

Generally speaking, I hope to collect tangerine-scented weed inside 9-10-weeks. Assuming that you develop Tangie seeds inside, hope to collect on the previous side, like 8-9-weeks. Outside, Tangie seeds produce plants prepared for collection by the center of September.


Producers overall love Tangie for its abundant collection.

Inside, Tangie seeds might create as much as 550-grams per meter squared. Outside, Tangie can dump as much as 500-grams per plant.

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As you reap Tangie, your faculties will become inundated in a citrus-like forest. By and large, assembling Tangie’s fragrant blossoms is an encounter you can’t miss.


Tangie plants can develop as much as 175cm.

Assuming you develop Tangie seeds inside, we suggest that you use the ScrOG or FIM method. By making different bud destinations, you will build the general yield while decreasing Tangie’s size.

In the event that you develop Tangie establishes outside, you will get what we mean while portraying Tangie as a marijuana citrus forest.

Protection from Pests and Mold:

Tangie’s ancestry is loaded up with reliable hereditary qualities. All in all, Tangie is profoundly safe and almost bomb-confirmation.

Be that as it may, you should play it safe and consistently utilize protection measures. A perfect nursery, and, most importantly, ideal ecological conditions are important to prevent irritations, infections, and shape.

Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of Tangie Weed:

It’s not possible for anyone to oppose the tempting appearance of Tangie weed.

As you respect Tangie’s impeccably molded blossoms, you’ll rapidly see its fragile highlights. To begin with, the outrageous gum coat delivers a smooth appearance that is a blowout for-the-eyes. Then, the fat calyxes and lively pistils are outwardly dazzling, also mouth-watering.

It’s no big surprise why Tangie has prevailed upon 20 honors in two years – it’s simply too hot.

At the point when terpenes, intensity, and pack bid are of most extreme concern – Tangie seeds are an outright easy decision.

Predominant Cannabinoids Found in Tangie Seeds:

The prevailing cannabinoid in Tangie weed is THC.

The THC content of Tangie weed, as indicated by lab results, is 19-22%. With terpenes this delectable, you should really look at yourself before you revel in Tangie’s lively flavors.

Prevailing Terpenes Found in Tangie Seeds:

Terpenes are Tangie’s stand-apart attribute.

As you open a container of Tangie weed, you’ll become drenched in a world loaded up with citrus zing, sea splash, flower honey, and acrid flavor. When you enjoy it, your taste buds will be welcomed by hints of tangerine strip, sweet honey, pine sap, and cloves.

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The three prevailing terpenes in Tangie seeds are:

  • Myrcene
  • Pinene
  • Limonene

Impacts of Tangie Weed:

In the event that you permit yourself to become entranced by Tangie’s mind blowing terpene profile, you will rapidly understand its power.

Tangie is a strong weed that comes on quick – so be ready. In general, the main hit delivers a tsunami of happiness that might surprise a few clients. As your brain takes off over the mists, a bunch of imaginative considerations come into center.

From mind-blowing imagination to bountiful energy, Tangie weed is a really sativa-predominant experience. In the event that you’re a sativa-sweetheart, Tangie is an absolute necessity for your assortment.

Medical Properties of Tangie Seeds:

Medical marjuana patients go wild with regards to Tangie’s restorative potential. Assuming that you’re a clinical maryjane patient, there could be no greater decision than Tangie weed to get you propelled for the day ahead.

Tangie is known to contain therapeutic properties that can help with:

  • Melancholy
  • Torment
  • Exhaustion
  • Stress

Peoples review about Tangie effects

Reported by real people who bought the seeds from USA’s best seeds bank i49

Thousands of people told us about effects:


Happy                                                                                Uplifted                                                                                                        

66% of people report feeling happy                              63% of people report feeling uplifted   

Energetic                                                                           Stress

55% of people report feeling energetic                      31% of people say it helps with stress

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