Car Shipping To Cape Town, South Africa

Many aspects need to be taken into consideration while exporting a car from the United States to Cape Town, South Africa. The city of Cape Town has very strict rules about how cars can be imported into the city. You will also want to get familiar with the weather conditions in Cape Town so that you can anticipate when the hotter months may occur. Maintaining your vehicle’s fluids throughout the hottest months of the year is essential for optimal performance. Generally speaking, driving in Cape Town is a pleasant and safe experience, especially if you have your own car.

You’ll need to know the location of the main shipping port where your automobile will be sent from the United States before you can proceed. In addition, the vehicle transport representative may assist you in locating the nearest ports. If the port is too far away for you to drive there or if you will already be out of the country when it is time to ship, you will need to make arrangements for the auto transport firm to transfer your car to the departure port.

Methods for car shipping to Cape Town, South Africa

Air Transportation – Transporting your vehicle to Cape Town by air freight is the most expedient mode of transportation available. Air cargo shipping is more expensive than shipping a car by ground, but it is the quickest and most secure means of moving a premium automobile. For those who possess a luxury car, air freight is the most efficient and safest means of moving a premium automobile.

Container Shipping – Your vehicle will be carried inside a container, which will then be placed onto a carrier ship for transportation. Container shipping is a great option for those who need to move their personal things as well as their autos but do not want to utilise a truck since it is less expensive. It is common for people to select between sharing a container with another person and using a container purely for their own automobile and/or personal belongings, depending on their requirements.

Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO). Shipping globally by carrier ship is the most cost-effective and time-efficient means of transporting goods across the world. After driving directly aboard the carrier ship and locking the vehicle in place, your vehicle will be driven off when the carrier ship arrives at the destination port. The RoRo shipping method is most often used for car shipping to South Africa.

Before you ship your car to Cape Town

You must have a confirmed price for shipping the car and, if necessary, pick up and deliver before the shipment date. There are two main ports in Cape Town, the Transnet National Ports Authority and the Transnet Port Terminal for container shipping, both of which are capable of handling automobiles that are being imported into the city. You should check with the agent ahead of time to see whether your vehicle needs to be steam cleaned or cleansed of any personal goods or documentation before being carried onboard the cargo ship and if so, you should do so. All information you need to transport your vehicle internationally to Cape Town will be provided by your representative.

Vehicle Shipping Regulations to Cape Town

Cape Town, in South Africa, has a number of rules and regulations that must be followed while shipping a car into the state. Vehicles may only be imported into Cape Town if they are in the right-hand drive position. Each family is only permitted to import one car, and the driver must have owned the vehicle for at least one year prior to bringing it into the United States.

A Special Import Permit from the Embassy of South Africa in the United States is required before shipment. If you are an immigrant, you will not be able to sell your car for at least two years after it arrives in Cape Town. If you are a returning resident of Cape Town, you will be required to pay the entire amount of taxes and import charges when bringing the car back into the country.

The car must have been in your possession for a minimum of 12 months, and you must have been out of the nation for a minimum of 12 months previous to importing it. Visitors who are just temporarily in South Africa must pay the entire amount of import duties and taxes to the South African Customs agent, and they must have a valid temporary import permit. When importing, foreign diplomats will be required to present a Diplomatic Certificate, but they will not be required to pay any customs or taxes.

Documents required for shipping a car to Cape Town

When your car arrives in Cape Town, you will be expected to have certain documentation ready to provide to customs officials. The documents are as follows:

  • Temporary License
  • Original Bill of Sale
  • Passport
  • Import Permit
  • The Original Vehicle Registration
  • Forms D.A. 304A and P1.160 (three copies of each)

The South African Embassy in Washington, DC can provide you with further information on the appropriate documentation and costs that must be completed in order to import your car into the country.

The US Customs and Border Protection Agency is a place to get more information about export rules in the United States for both vehicles and personal or home products.

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