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Your business website directly makes the first impression of your brand or a company upon the customers. No matter how potential a business you own, it can leave a poor impression on your existing and viable customers if your website’s performance does not satisfy them. Apart from your brand image, the performance of your website affects your business sales and revenues. Thus, hosting your website on a server that can boost its performance with growth is vital. In this article, you will come across the Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server in Mumbai that enables your website’s optimal functioning and desired outputs. Let us begin with understanding how a mumbai dedicated server renders an effective hosting solution.

About: Dedicated Server in Mumbai

The Mumbai dedicated server hosting allows you to lend the complete server for hosting your business website. Above this, all the server resources operate for your website without getting distributed among other users. This secures your backend database from falling under pressure due to web traffic. The dedicated server in Mumbai provides various privileges and advantages due to which it comes at a higher cost than other hosting servers. Also, the precise cost is calculated depending upon the required computing power, amount of bandwidth, and data storage plus backup.

Moreover, the money you invest in dedicated server hosting is all worth it because you always acquire more than what you require. It becomes possible for you to make your website more competitive with the dedicated server Mumbai in the expanding field of the web market.

What are the Benefits of Using Mumbai Dedicated Server For Business?

The dedicated server in Mumbai offers your business website with the tremendous power and compound return on its cyclical investment in the following ways:

Exclusive usage of dedicated resources

You do not need to share the server resources. They solely function to support your web business. Moreover, you can scale them up as per your website’s necessities.

Flexibility in managing your emerging business

Your hosting provider gives you root access to your mumbai dedicated server, which makes it quite simpler for you to set or modify the desired server configuration with time.

Enhanced reliability and performance

You get the possibility to customize your server. You can run any number of applications and the required OS that can enhance your website performance.

High security through data separation

The dedicated server in mumbai renders the isolated hosting environment that makes it impossible for outsiders to access your data.

No capital or upfront expense

You do not have to spend on the server space, equipment, etc. With dedicated server hosting, you acquire the best equipment and all support from the provider.

Moving on, let us introduce you to the Serverwala hosting company, which further renders the cheap dedicated server in Mumbai with world-class hosting services. Plunge into the next section to know more.

Intro: Serverwala Web Hosting Provider

Serverwala hosting company is enlisted in the top-leading and renowned organizations of the world. It has acquired recognition via many awards for providing the best hosting services, high-quality infrastructure, and excellent customer services. You will be able to obtain the best and cheapest dedicated server in Mumbai with the company. Further, the company keeps aiming to maintain and raise the standard of hyper-scale hosting services at the same time.

Fortunately, you will also be able to acquire 24/7 technical support from the company with all types of dedicated hosting. The company makes sure to deliver the technical expertise instantly whenever required from certified professionals.

Choose Your Best & Cheap Plan For Dedicated Server in Mumbai

You will acquire a list of cheap plans of a dedicated server in Mumbai with the Serverwala hosting company. Each plan will give you the high flexibility to run your server in the best possible way. Moreover, you will be able to upgrade your dedicated hosting plan anytime needed without upsetting the ongoing operations of your web business. Further, with each plan, the company renders many powerful features highlighted in the next section.

Features of Serverwala Best Mumbai Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Your dedicated server in Mumbai will provide support to hardware RAID. You can buy RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 whenever required for your web business.
  • Your website will obtain a premium bandwidth of up to 1 GBPS with the fastest network connectivity.
  • Creating private server clusters will be an easy task for you with the company’s mumbai  dedicated server that can come with 10 GBPS virtual LAN subnets.
  • The Serverwala data centers will deliver your website the robust network merged among the multiple Internet Exchanges.
  • Your web business will also receive one IPv4 and IPv6 address. Although, you will still get the opportunity to purchase more IPs from the company.
  • The company will guarantee a 100% uptime network and zero downtime while providing you the service level agreement.
  • Your website will attain high-level security measures incorporating data encryption, DDoS protection, and SSL with the dedicated server in Mumbai.

Customer Reviews

The customer review determines the uprightness of the company and its hosting services. It provides precise feedback and insights into whether the hosting services you are thinking to buy will serve the best to your business website or not. Therefore, we would like to mention the customer review of the Serverwala hosting services of a cheap dedicated server in Mumbai.


Serverwala hosting company also provides fully-managed dedicated hosting services for those who are either new to the industry or do not have time to manage their servers. This will permit you to handle your web business from the forefront while resting assured of efficient working of your backend. The company will take responsibility for everything related to your server, from its right configuration to maintenance.

To grab more information about the company’s managed and unmanaged dedicated server in Mumbai, browse its website now – Also, you can directly connect to the company’s professionals for the same via various communication mediums – Whatsapp, Skype, Phone, Email, etc.

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