Bollywood and wedding dances

Bollywood and wedding dances- Your kids can give vent to their passions now!

When we were kids, did you ever think of Bollywood dance? The answer is probably not! Apart from a few rebels (every generation had those!), most of us were constrained by perceptions of elders and societal expectations, boxing us into conventional dance styles and forms. While we all secretly loved Bollywood songs and dances, we could not really expect them to feature in our dance classes or neighborhood, club and other social performances. Sounds familiar right? This is a sentiment that 70s, 80s and even 90s children will identify with to a large extent. 

However, things have rapidly evolved in the new millennium and with good reason! Liberalism has finally integrated itself into cultural and social mores, prompting parents to encourage children to pursue passions in fields that may seem unconventional. At the same time, there is considerable popularity of Bollywood dance and wedding dance styles for both adults and children. Weddings are big events and so are festivals, socials, performances and the like. Children these days are passionate about their favourite foot-tapping Bollywood numbers and songs and dance moves especially tailored for weddings and other festive occasions. 

Hence, you can help your child give vent to his/her passion regarding these dance styles by enrolling him/her in online dance classes for kids at Yellow Class. These classes will finally give your kids a great opportunity to vent out their passions. They can finally learn how to match steps to the beats of their favourite tracks and prepare themselves for that next big family or wedding performance as well! They will have a blast, learning moves akin to their preferred stars and generally having a blast as part of a group activity with other like-minded peers. 

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Children fall for several interesting Bollywood dance songs and wedding numbers today! Yellow Class has made a note of this overwhelming demand amongst parents and their children for learning the best dance styles that are a rage at the movies today! Hence, it has come up with these innovative online dance classes that offer fun and learning in a wonderful package indeed! 

Bollywood and wedding dances
Bollywood and wedding dances

At the same time, there are some obvious benefits that children can expect while participating in dance classes online. These include a major boost towards achieving better fitness and health. They can expect to successfully keep the fat off while burning more calories at the same time. They will improve their agility, flexibility and overall body balance without any hassles. It will also be a fun and physically refreshing activity, helping children beat the stress and anxiety inherent in daily life. This is another big take-away of these dancing classes. The next time that your child expresses a wish to pick up dance moves for a particular wedding/Bollywood song that he/she fancies, you know where to head! 

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