BODMAS rule: The Easiest Way of Solving the Questions

In the world of logic-oriented subjects like mathematics, the order of operations is considered to be a set of standard rules that have to be followed by the students so that they can perform the calculations perfectly and can reach out the most accurate answers in a hassle-free manner. Hence, depending upon BODMAS rule is a very good idea for the students so that they can indulge in the right kind of calculations all the time. There are several kinds of numbers and different operations in the expression which the individuals need to deal with at the same time and in all such cases prioritisation has to be carried out perfectly so that there is no hassle throughout the process and overall goals are efficiently achieved.

Normally the students are very much confused about which of the order of operations has to be performed first and to get rid of this particular confusion there is a rule named as BODMAS rule that will always lay proper emphasis on the right kind of systems and sequences so that questions are perfectly solved. This is the short form of brackets, off, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction so that students can have a clear-cut idea about the sequence of operations to be performed on the questions.

According to this particular rule numerical expression which contains a combination of signs of brackets, multiplication, addition, subtraction, division and other things have to be solved from left to right, and solving this particular problem will help in making sure that students will be reaching the right answers without any kind of issue in the whole process. It is very much important to understand the utilisation of brackets first because this is a very vital part of forming and evaluating the mathematical expressions.

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Sometimes the brackets can seem to be very much confusing to the students which are the main reason that following a comprehensive formula that will help in guiding the sequence is very much important because understanding this particular rule with the help of mathematical expressions is very much important to perform different kinds of operations. If the equation requires the people to perform different operations then following the formula from left to right is very much advisable for the people so that they can perform the things and can solve the questions very accurately.

This particular formula has to be utilised when there is more than one operation into a mathematical expression and a sequence of certain rules has to be followed in the whole process because it will provide the students with complete access to a comprehensive structure to produce the unique answer for every mathematical expression and if there is any bracket the individuals need to open the bracket and then indulge into adding or subtracting the terms.

If there is any kind of negative sign then the individuals need to open the bracket multiply the negative sign with every time inside the bracket. If there is any term outside the bracket then the individuals need to multiply the outside term with every term inside the bracket so that they can indulge in the right kind of things. The easiest ways of remembering the BODMAS rule are explained as follows:

  • The students need to simplify the brackets first
  • It is important to solve all the exponential terms
  • It is important to perform the division and multiplication by going from left to right
  • It is important to perform addition or subtraction by going left to right.
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The students also indulge in some of the common mistakes like what to do about the presence of brackets and they get confused about which of the bracket has to be utilised in which way which ultimately leads them to the wrong answer. So, having proper access to the proper understanding of the addition, subtraction and several other kinds of associated operations are very much important so that students are having a clear-cut idea about the order of operations and this is only possible if they get enrolled on platforms like Cuemath and learn the things through expert consultancy.

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