There is a rise in cryptocurrency prices and this has led to an increase in demand for mining equipment. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about restrictions that caused a drop in supply. This has led to a shortage in crypto mining equipment and it is this shortage that has given rise to crypto scammers.

Bitcoin mining is a crucial function that sees to it that new crypto coins are introduced into circulation in the blockchain. Bitcoins have to be mined because they are digital records highly susceptible to copying, double spending, or counterfeiting. It is more economically viable to be a miner rather than try to sabotage the blockchain network.

Buying cheap mining equipment

There are several online stores that claim to sell crypto miners but Bitcoin Merch is not one. sells miners that go for as low as $400. Many crypto mining beginners are trying to save a buck and have been attracted to such cheap deals. The online store was founded by Tik Tok sensation, Idan Abada after he showed the world how to mine crypto on a USB-powered rig using free Starbucks electricity. He however admitted that the rig did not make him money. This simply proves honesty from the word go. Bitcoin Merch is a legit company.

Bitcoin Merch has over 1000 accessories for all crypto fans. The issue is not the number of accessories. The real issue is the quality of the items they sell. There has been a huge surge in customers crowding the site.  Miners have never been this affordable.


What Bitcoin Merch promises

  • Shipping from California straight to your doorstep
  • Orders are shipped within three business days
  • A 30-day warranty on all products
  • Top of the line customer support

Most Bitcoin Merch customers have expressed their satisfaction online. In fact, they have done so on one of the most well-respected review sites, namely Trusted Pilot. 82% of these customers are happy with the products and customer service. One customer has even gone into the details explaining how initially they were worried but after speaking to a customer representative, they were sorted. Trusted Pilot can not be arm-twisted to give false reviews. A business that has served over 20,000 customers must have something that keeps the customers keep coming back. No one can be a scammer and fool so many people for that length of time.

Final thoughts

Crypto mining is not a simple venture. You should go into it knowing that it is a financial risk where you could purchase all the necessary equipment and still have no return on investment. It would be smart for all crypto mining beginners to join well-recognized, tried and tested crypto sites to learn more so that they can differentiate a scam from a real site. Of course, there will always be dissatisfied customers but when it is too much, that is a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. The question here is, would a  trusted site like TrustPilot fake 82% reviews from customers who are happy with the service and products from Bitcoin Merch?

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