Best thing to do in Dubai that makes your trip memorable

Dubai is one of the most mesmerizing attractions in the world. the reason is, this city offers the best adventure to experience. By creating an amazing list of best things to do in Dubai, you can add an adrenaline rush to the vacations. Boasting a skyline dominated by the skyscraper as well as the coastline that overlooks the Gulf of Oman, this destination in UAE also houses the engaging and enthralling experience for the traveler. Along with this, Dubai also offers cultural bliss and thrill to for an unwinding vacation.

It is fascinating to know that; Dubai has a wide list of adventure with leisure activities for the visitors who are keen for some excitement. Along with offering an unforgettable experience in the country, let’s have a look at some of the best things you must not miss during the holidays.

Best thing to do in Dubai that makes your trip memorable

Burj Khalifa- Discovering the Magnificence of Dubai

You can capture a perfect view of Dubai from the magnificent architectural structure, of Burj Khalifa. With a height of 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa includes an aquarium, fountain, ski slopes, an ice rink, that significantly adds to its magnificence. Keep in consideration, it is one of the tallest building in the world that houses more than 30000 residences as well as nine luxury hotels in its premises. All the fine restaurants as well as entertainment centers make it a popular attraction to spend a leisure day.

If you want some of the fun things to do in Dubai, you can dine-in at the famous The Top Sky Lounge. There is also an option to discover the grandeur from the observation deck that is situated in 124th level of the Burj Khalifa.

Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai

Famous For:  Dubai Museum, Jumeirah, Dubai fountain, and The Top Sky Lounge

Ajman Museum- Exploring the Prehistoric Era

The Ajman Museum is one of the best attractions in Dubai that exhibits the evidence of prehistoric time. You must plan a tour of the Museum in order to discover the Emirates’ weapons preserved for a long time. it is fascinating to know that; the museums also have a beautiful display of the history of Ajman along with the wooden shows and the weaponry. 

Near to the Museum, there is the Ajman beach to enjoy some beach activities in Dubai. for your information, there is a great need to know that, from the 18th century, the Ajman fort was transformed to this Museum in 1970. Al Muwaihat is considered one of the popular attractions to feature the pottery and funeral jewelry dating back to 3000 BC.

Location: Ajman, Emirate of Ajman

Famous For: Historical and Cultural Tours

Dubai Desert Safari- Experience the Best Adventure in Desert

The Arabian safari in the desert is considered one of the amazing things to do in Dubai. By listing out some adventures like sandboarding, quad biking, camel rides as well as an overnight safari, the desert is considered as the best adventure hub that must not be missed. Always get ready for off-road driving on 4X4 vehicle that leads you to the mystical land of dunes. 

Camps there also offer the Arabian hospitality as well as allows you get the luxury experience for your holiday. Reserve your accommodation with an overnight safari tour or enjoy a day adventure Dubai desert safari.

Location: Emirate of Dubai

Famous For: Overnight Camping, Quad Biking, Sandboarding, Desert Safari

Yacht Rental Dubai- Make Lifetime Memories on Yacht

If you are interested in doing something special on the vacation? What about taking a yacht rental on Dubai Marina? For you, here is the best way to explore this amazing city and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

It’s interesting to know that, cruising the Dubai on a yacht brings a unique perspective and experience to the table. Along with this, sailing across the Dubai Marina helps you explore the city as well as contribute to a mesmerizing sightseeing experience.

The calmness and serenity of yachting helps calm a troubled mind. Taking some time off from the hectic routine will amount to the much-needed quality time you craved. However, yachting with your friends and family help you strengthen the bond.

Location: Dubai Canal, creek

Famous For: yachting, fishing, dinner, parties, wedding events, corporative events, and deep sea- activities

Dubai Mall- For High Class Shopping Experience

Shopping is the best fun things to do in Dubai in order to embrace its luxury and style. For shopping, Dubai mall is considered as the most prominent destination when it comes out to shopping and entertainment. This mall is responsible to feature high class fashion brands in over 1200 shops. For a comprehensive family dining, food courts and restaurants are available. Spreading to an area of 1million sqm, it is fascinating to know that the mall offers more than other adventure along with the ice rink, cinema and many more activities. the Dubai mall also redefines the luxury lifestyle with its fine architecture. You can also shop from the luxurious brands for the best leisure activities in Dubai.

Location: Al Mussallah Rd DownTown Dubai

Famous For: Shopping, Dine-in, Skating, Cinema

Umm Al Quwain Fort and Museum- Embrace this Historical Architecture

UAQ Museum is one of the historical attractions in Dubai. It offers a complete cultural experience to the visitors. Although it is the smallest Museum to explore, but it has listed the top things to do in Dubai, especially of you are looking for a cultural holiday experience. It’s the best way to start from discovering the wide history goes back to the 17th century when the Museum was built by Sheikh Rashid Bin Majid Al Mualla. 

The collection in this fort and museum are the structure of headless falcons and tiny human bone plaques. There is also a room to exhibits the fishing equipment. Ships are used for shipping. This place is best to explore the nearby areas such as traditional markets and coffee shops.

Location: Umm Al Quwain Bazaar, Emirate of Umm Al Quwain

Famous For: Artefacts, Fort, Weaponries, and Historical Tours

Dubai Marina: Experience the Adrenaline of Skydiving

Skydiving in Dubai is one of the attractive activities that must not be missed for an unforgettable experience. There is a great need to know, sky diving is operated at the Dubai marine that allow you discover the panorama of Dubai from a bird’s eye view. 

The professional pilots help you for tandem skydiving by offering you the great opportunity to capture the most scenic views. As you fall from 13,000 feet, capture a video of Palm Jumeirah as well as the golden dunes at the desert. Add more to your to-do-list with best things to do Dubai such as shopping and dine-in from the best shopping complexes to visit in Dubai.

Location: Al Marsa Street, Dubai

Famous For: Hotels, Shopping, Golf, and Sky Diving

Dubai Creeks- A Luxury Dhow Cruise

A luxury Dhow Cruise Dubai is an ideal way for spending a day in Dubai. The dhow is a kind of traditional boat that is designed with a wooden slanting and triangular sails that is spotted in Dubai creeks. These tours are organized daily for the tourists in order to discover the Dubai skyline that is illuminated along with the dazzling skyscrapers. 

Dubai Creeks is located in the downtown center, it’s the best place to witness the entire city’s charm. One of the memorable activities to do in Dubai during your visit to the creeks is, discover the history of Dubai. It would be best if you visit the nearby attractions such as the labyrinthine alleyways while the cruise also offers the most tempting dinner of the night.

Location: Dubai Creeks, United Arab Emirates

Famous For: Cruise Dinners

Hatta- Adventure in The Mountains

Hatta is one of the most scenic mountain hills in Dubai as well as it’s perfect for hiking. The Hatta is located at a distance of approx. 130 km from Dubai’s downtown. The place is famous for its spectacular scenery and greenery amidst the deserted region. The set also offers a perfect escape from the chaos to the solitude to add on more adventurous things to do in Dubai UAE. You can opt for kayaking at Hatta lake or mountain biking, free fall, and zorbing. 

Location: Hajarain, Hatta, United Arab Emirates

Famous For: Hiking, Mountain Biking, and Kayaking, Zorbing

Dubai Frame- Discover the 360 Degree Panorama

Dubai Frame is another iconic attraction for you. It offers the magnificent view of the city. It is fascinating to know, discovering the 360-degree panorama is one of the best things to do in Dubai. Embrace its spectacular architecture, high-class buildings, and the modernized streets. Dubai frame also features a 93m long bridge and 25sqm glass bridge with an exhilarating and thrilling experience of walking on air over a glass. 

Furthermore, the frame also comes with the vision of futuristic Dubai look that offers a unique perspective of the city. When you are at the Dubai frame, travel is among the top activities to do in Dubai for tourists.

Location: Sheikh Rashid Road 4, Dubai

Famous For: Glass Bridge and 360 Degree Dubai View

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