Best Swift iOS App Templates in 2022

Building apps from scratch requires a lot of time — and resources, as well. We’re in 2021 and there are thousands of iOS app development and Android development companies in the world. Companies that operate globally are competing against each other.

And one of the major KPIs that help them to stand out is the fast or timely delivery of the project. That’s why android and iOS contributors on different platforms have come up with a solution in the form of built-in templates.

With these templates at your disposal, all you have to do is customize the app based on your needs and it will be ready in a little time. You get a built-in layout along with common features.

In this article, we’re going to name and discuss the best Swift iOS apps templates you can use today while creating your iOS apps. So, shall we start?

1.  Universal – Full Multi-Purpose iOS Swift Template

Universal for iOS is an amazing template that anyone can use with no coding knowledge to create amazing apps. It offers support for many content sources including WordPress, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. 

Further, it includes AdMob for monetization and in-app purchases if your user wants to have ad-free content. You can also change your content remotely.

It comes with a complete Xcode template, so you can get your app ready in a little time.

2. MStore Pro

When you want to create your eCommerce store but running short of time, MStore Pro comes to your rescue. Another great template to create an iOS app for your business.

It supports WooCommerce integration, AdMob and Facebook ads, push notifications, and multiple payment gateways.

3. WebView Template

WebViewGold is a great choice for creating aesthetic Swift apps. The template allows you to convert a website’s content into an app. It uses the Swift Xcode package to wrap the URL or local HTML into an iOS app.

One of the things you’re going to love about this app is it works in just a few clicks, so you don’t need any coding knowledge. The template is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

4. Classifieds App Template for iOS

Looking for a template to create a classified ad app? Congratulations!!! You just found one. Classify is a universal app template that you can use to develop your own mobile classifieds service app.

End users will be able to post and edit ads based on their mobile devices. Further, the app will let end users do everything they’d expect, like browsing listing by categories, searching for what they need, and contacting the seller.

5. Events App Template for iOS

Creating an event app is not a big deal anymore. The Events app template is here to make your job easy. Create your own iOS events app to store and share events happening all over the world. 

It lets end users submit new events and they will only be added to your Parse dashboard once you have approved them.

The template has a button that enables end-users to automatically add an event on their native iOS calendar. Further, they can open its address in maps to get directions. 

There’s also a feature to share the event on numerous social media platforms. Transaction history, push notifications, user feedback, and customer interest analytics are some other notable features.

6. Instagram iOS Template

Are you an enthusiastic photographer? Or someone who loves visuals and wants to make an app similar to Instagram? Instagram iOS Template can help you with this. 

Despite not knowing how to code, you can build your own photo-sharing app with social functionalities such as likes, comments, and so on. Users can create their profiles, chat with each other, and share photos and videos with playback.

Further, it lets you activate AdMob to monetize your app. There’s thorough documentation available that includes each and every detail. So you can easily know how you can include a certain feature.

7. Recipe App: iOS Swift Template

If you are a foodie who loves cooking or trying new recipes, why not create your own recipe app? You don’t need to be a developer as there’s a Swift template available for you. 

It lets you create a smart cooking book, share recipes, help users plan their cooking, and much more. The app features a clean code, an intuitive user interface, and can be customized with ease.

8. Woopy: Listings & Chat App Template for iOS

Last but not least, Woopy is another great template that allows people to create listing apps. These apps are supposed to facilitate the buying and selling of used and hand-crafted items online.

The user lands on the app and browses by keyword or category and buys whatever he fancies. The app lets users chat with sellers or potential buyers and leave their feedback on each transaction.

Sellers can add a ten-second video to their listings to boost sales. Further, there is an email verification system that gives buyers and sellers extra assurance in terms of security.

P.S. If you’re looking for an enterprise-level app with advanced features, these templates won’t be enough for you. We are a mobile app development company in Dubai that can create a customized app based on your requirements. Want a free consultation? Get in touch with us!

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