Best Scraping APIs: Scraper Box API, Scraper API, and Many Others

A scraper API plays an important role in web scraping. Web scraping is a useful technique for collecting data from websites. It assists in finding and utilizing information from online sources, which aids in business market research, lead generation, competitive analysis, and several other uses.

Luckily, we now have web scraping APIs, which carry out the heavy lifting for you—the right middlemen between you and the sweet web data! You’ll just need to integrate the APIs into your application without building a web scraping tool from scratch.

A scraper API is a special-purpose API for extracting data. It’s not the same as a regular web API, which provides data as a service. The main difference between the two is that a scraper API is tailored to download large amounts of raw data quickly. Web APIs usually have nice user interfaces, but they typically don’t work well with large amounts of data because it takes too long to access data across the network. So if your application needs to download large amounts of data, you might want to consider using a scraper API. Visit; Web scraping API free.

Do you know that APIs can also be scrapped or used beyond authorized limits? API security is an interesting field which deals with making APIs secure. Our article on API Security covers everything you need to get up and running on this topic.

Therefore, to assist you in getting the right API for your use case, we reviewed several scraping APIs available on the Rakuten RapidAPI platform, which is the largest API marketplace in the world, based on the following criteria: Blazing SEO is a smart proxy service boasting a large pool of rotating proxy services.

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Best Scraping APIs: Scraper Box API, Scraper API, and Many Others

  • API features: We assessed the outstanding features of each of the web scraping APIs.
  • Data format: We scrutinized the format that each of the APIs use to deliver the scraped data.
  • Price: We reviewed the cost of integrating each of the APIs into applications.
  • Ease of use: We looked at the ease of grabbing the APIs’ features and embedding them into applications.
  • API features: With the Scraper Box API, you just specify the URL of the website you need scraped and you’ll get the data you require. The API makes extracting large amounts of data flawless by assisting you to deal with proxies, CAPTCHA, user agents, and other things that may block you from harvesting online content successfully.
  • Data format: The API returns the scraped data in HTML format.
  • Price: If you make less than 1,000 requests per month, you can use the API for free. Otherwise, you can pay $29 per month or $99 per month and access higher request limits per month.
  • Ease of use: There is simple documentation to help you in getting up and running with the API within a few minutes.

Scraper API

The Scraper API is designed to take the hassle out of web scraping; it allows you to extract multiple types of information with ease.

API features: With the Scraper API, you can harvest data from rich media apps or websites successfully. After specifying the URL of the target, the API lets you extract images, texts, or article’s content. Furthermore, it can render any web page as an image.

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Data format: The API returns the extracted data in HTML, JPEG, or plain text formats.

Price: The free tier is capped at 100 requests per month. The paid plans, which come with higher request limits, start from $5 per month to $300 per month.

Ease of use: Integrating the API is easy—there are endpoints descriptions, response samples, and other resources to ensure you consume the API smoothly.

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