Best Practices for Running a Small Sign Shop

Running a small print shop is the best way to get a hold of the American dream and make it your own.  Not only can you be creative and put work into ensuring every customer is happy, but print shops also come with a low overhead cost, which ensures you can start making a profit faster.

These are the best practices when running one of these shops.

Invest In Good Machinery and Software

The largest investment you’ll make is in starting your business.  From machinery to good sign software, you can expect to spend anywhere from ten to thirty thousand dollars to set up a small sign shop.  The more you invest in your company in the beginning, the better chance you’ll have that this investment will quickly pay off and allow you to start making money back.

Keep Up With Customer Service

Customer service is a must regardless of how busy your company is.  If a customer has a question, and you make them wait more than twelve hours to answer it, chances are they’ve already moved on to another company and picked someone else to make their signs.  Be quick, courteous, and correct when answering any questions or concerns your customers may have. 

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, give customers something positive to talk about from your interaction.

Although you will have the occasional customer who wants a one-off sign about a political candidate or to celebrate a family member: most of your income will come from large printing jobs if you know how to advertise yourself intelligently.

Advertise directly to businesses and organizations that could benefit from signs.  This can be churches, other small businesses, politicians, schools, and dozens of other options.  Smart advertising can set you up for instant success.

Understand the Importance of Quick Shipping

Shipping is as much a part of customer service as answering calls and emails.  Due to quick shipping companies like Amazon, your customers will expect their products to be sent out to them at breakneck speeds.  When taking orders, work diligently to get them packaged and ready to ship as soon as possible.  If you can get your handling time down to less than two days and get a shipping label on there quickly, you’ll be able to get more customers and impress those that use your company.

Avoid Cutting Corners in Quality

Some may think that cutting corners to give yourself a larger profit margin is a good idea: but this is a poor plan, especially if you’re hoping to gain repeat customers.  Nobody wants to buy from a company they feel ripped them off or cheated them out of their money with low-quality products.

Invest in good waterproof materials that can handle the weather and won’t fade from sunlight.  Although this can be expensive upfront, customers will appreciate your commitment to quality and will be more likely to return and purchase from you again.

Your Small Sign Print Shop Can Succeed.

Although sigh shops are becoming more common these days, they’re still a fantastic way to make enough money to thrive.  Invest the time and money your shop needs, and you’ll be amazed at how far it can go.

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