Best Live Streaming Platforms in 2022 and Their Features

Have you ever watched a live stream? The answer is probably yes. Well! Live streaming has become a part of our lifestyle to increase our presence on social media. And if you are a creator or have a business, then live streaming can be an invaluable skill. This will help you to engage more with viewers and increase your social visuality. Here are some of the best live streaming platforms in 2022 along with their features to check out.

  1. Twitch

If you are looking for a live streaming platform that is classic yet very effective, then you can’t miss out on the platform Twitch. It is a very popular live streaming platform and is very high on demand that can assist the users to view whatever they like directly from their PC and console.

Twitch will allow you to interact with followers, and let you enable live comments too. In fact, you will be able to use emote slots to have better engagement as well as schedule all your live streams beforehand.

And probably, that is the reason why gamers vouch for this site due to the opportunities as well as capabilities it has to make your live stream pop.


For all the broadcasters, a revolutionary solution when it comes to a live stream is This software will let you stream on several channels at the same time. You will be able to invite guests easily and impress your viewers with authentic branded broadcasts.

There are several overlays, scenes, and pre-designed live stream layouts that will help you to make the live stream more unique and professional. It has an adjustable chatbox feature and along with that, it has fully customizable stream overlays, logos, banners, as well as other visual elements.

  1. YouTube Live

If you want to do live on YouTube, then nothing will beat the functionality of a native platform offering live streaming. You can do a live stream using a webcam, mobile, or an encoder. In fact, you will have features that will help you to monetize your live streams.

Talking about analytics, YouTube is designed to give proper analytics. You will be able to track the metrics of your live video content. However, since it is a free platform, you will require to have at least 50 subscribers to do live streaming using a mobile phone.

And some amazing features such as chats, and tools, along with a communicative platform.

  1. Facebook Live

Facebook live is yet another great way to do live streaming and connect with fellow audiences. It will let you share content on Facebook as per the interest of followers and friends. People generally find it interesting to come live from their pages, profiles, and groups. In fact, the best thing is that you will be able to interact with viewers on a real-time basis. And if you are willing to use a shortcut to make your FB live stream making it popular there are a few digital marketing services with help you can increase FB stream viewers as per your need. And once you start getting more viewers you can promote your product or anything within your live stream.

All your followers will be able to get instant notifications whenever you come to live. In fact, it is available free of cost and you will be able to gain better engagement and improved results.

  1. Instagram Live

Well! You can ask any creator about live streaming on social media platforms and there is a high chance that they will mention Instagram Live. Starting from live rooms that will let you go live with around three more people at the same time to live fundraisers. You can raise money for a cause that is genuine and Instagram has everything to offer.

Furthermore, you will be able to promote your live stream on Instagram and make it even more interactive with features such as media sharing and Q&A.

  1. Dacast

If you are running a business of any size and type and you want a good live streaming platform, then check out Dacast. With the help of Dacast, businesses can create flexible, interactive, as well as high-quality live streams. This is an all-in-one streaming platform that will help you to boast top-tier CDNs, secure video hosting, offer video monetization, and more.

  1. StreamShark

Here is another live streaming platform to look out at is StreamShark. It will offer you instant stream archiving and has real-time insights. You can see how your live is performing.

And a great addition is the live DVR rewind feature. It allows all the late joiners to catch up easily with the content that you have already shared. Other interesting features include amazing security controls as well as live highlight clips.

  1. StreamYard

If you are looking forward to having an easy to use live streaming platform, then you can’t miss out on StreamYard. It is not only easy to use but it allows you to operate and reach a wider audience base on several platforms.

You can easily use this browser-based video streaming platform to invite an audience and share your slides or screens. Apart from that, you will be able to chat privately with other users, brand your broadcast, show up more comments, and do a lot more.

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