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Best Lab Grown Diamond Rings to Flaunt This Holiday Season

Been daydreaming about your special ring? We have rounded up our best lab grown diamonds rings to flaunt this holiday season. These timeless diamond rings will have you mooning over them at every glance. We have noticed many classic styles making a comeback this New Year, New world diamonds pieces are there to steal the spotlight. Here are our top picks for the best lab created diamonds rings to make them yours.

Here is why you should prefer solitaires over any other diamond:

  • It elevates the diamond, making it more appear more prominent and noticeable
  • Allows a significant amount of light to pass through the diamond increasing its shine
  • Complements and suitable to a variety of Diamond Shapes and sizes
  • Easy for maintenance and clean
  • Looks classic & timeless

  •  14K Gold Emerald Cut Solitaire

The Emerald Cut Solitaire Diamond gives a deep precision and a large surface area. With its long step cuts, the diamond offers ample reflection on both white and colored light. A popular choice amongst the recent couples is to go for a larger stone without a high price, and Emerald Cut diamond often appears bigger than any other shaped diamond with the same carat weight.

The solitaire setting showcases the ring in a unique style of an Emerald Diamond perfectly. You can never go wrong with a simple solitaire setting and a beautiful Emerald Cut it’s a match made in heaven truly.

  • 14K Gold Solitaire Four Prong Setting Solitaire

Within the solitaire setting, the center diamond or gemstone is put in place by several (in this case four to be exact) small prongs that extend out from the band. The most common configurations are four and six prongs, such as the four-prong setting from the New World Diamonds and the six-prong setting. This setting gives an extra oomph to your solitaire. One of the major pros to a four-prong setting is that there is a lesser amount of metal coverage on the diamond, which allows more light to take up the diamond and enables this well-cut diamond to reflect at its best.

  • 14K Gold Pear Shape Solitaire

This beauty right here is also called a “teardrop” shape, pear-shaped diamond is a hybrid of round and marquise shapes. One of the sides of the stone is rounded, while the other side tapers to a fine point. To create this beautiful modified-brilliant cut, the master diamond cutter makes 58 facets in the gem. Getting a 14k gold pear shape solitaire is set to make a striking and unusual statement due to its unconventional style.

  • 14K Gold Solitaire Cushion Cut Solitaire

There is more than one reason to get a cushion-cut one of them being it’s classic and versatile, these diamonds look just as good solitaire as they do. One of the most unique features of the cushion-cut diamond is it can be cut in multiple different ways, elongated and square, sharp and defined, to soft and pillowy, cushion cuts allow for versatility and the option to select a ring that aligns perfectly with the bride’s personal style. We have it for you!

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If you’re aiming for both beauty and budget, you’ll be happy to learn that New Worlds Diamonds provide the same size and quality as a round brilliant diamond. The iconic cut, you might just find will surely become your favorite diamond for its beauty and its rich history. Do you want a solitaire that delivers dazzle and a personalized style? Then New World Diamond Rings are made just for you.

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