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Best Content Writing Tools in 2022

Have you ever composed a web article or written a blog post? The research, optimization, writing, and planning of the content requires a lot of thinking and exertion. Tons and tons of details need to be included in order to come up with a content that is appealing to readers, provides relevant information, ranks high on search engines, and turns visitors into customers. Other than composing articles or blogs, composing dissertations and assignments also require too much thinking and effort. Therefore, many students look to take dissertation writing help, so that their dissertation can be completed by expert writers without any errors.

In today’s fast pacing world, no one is interested in reading outdated content. People these days want to read unique content through which they get solutions and create experiences. So writers all over the globe are persistently looking for ways to craft a content strategy that sets them apart from others.

It is indispensable for writers and bloggers to come up with premium-quality and engaging content that will encourage more and more people to read and share their articles. For this, a myriad of writers have started using content writing tools. They play a crucial role in simplifying the job for you and help you come up with well-researched, well-formatted, grammatically correct, and plagiarism-free content.

What is the purpose of using content writing tools?

Helps in creating visuals that are exceptional 

The content writing tools help writers discover different types of visuals that perfectly resonates with the target audience. You get a know-how of colors, images, themes, keywords, and more.

Increases readability

Content writers come up with writing enthralling content that engages the attention of the target audience.

Helps you get recognized

Instead of proofreading and doing other things, the overall focus of writers is to produce quality content.

Improves the overall writing structure

Writers commence writing coherent content without any grammatical or structural errors.

Best Content Writing Tools:

1) ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is one of the Artificial intelligence-powered tools that helps mediocre writers become phenomenal writers in no time. Almost all writers are dependent on grammar checking tools to a certain extent. So, with the help of this highly versatile tool, writers can prevent themselves from embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes, especially when they’re providing dissertation writing services UK

Alongside, it improves the overall strength, vocabulary, clarity, and style of writing. So, it is a beneficial tool for academic writing service providers and all other types of writers. The fun fact is that ProWritingAid has interesting additional features such as articles and quizzes to keep the entire editing process interactive yet educational.

2) Surfer

Without a shadow of any doubt, Surfer’s content editor tool is an optimum tool for the creation of Seo-friendly content. This tool keeps a strict eye on content’s keyword density, headlines, subheadings, word count, and more. Hence, there is no need to check these factors manually. Surfer can easily inspect above 500 data points and helps in weighing your content against many organic competitors. This is one of the best ways to write content that outranks the competition and attracts a lot of organic traffic.

It is not required to copy-paste the entire content to use this tool. Just connect the document of your content to the tool, mention your keyword, and the progress starts appearing on the side.

3) Grammarly

Have you ever published content without checking it on Grammarly? Well, I have never done that. If you want to have mistaken-free and grammatically correct content, then there is no better option other than Grammarly. It is one of the versatile tools that properly review your article for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. This tool can also be used by the writers for proofreading and self-editing the work. Also, it tells insights about the article like reading time, word count, vocabulary, and readability score.

However, the premium version of Grammarly is responsible for further checking your content for additional mistakes. Some of the mistakes include missing prepositions, word choice, wordy sentences, and more.

Grammarly also offers human proofreading and plagiarism checker options. The latest update of Grammarly also gives you insights into the tone of your email. So, this has become one of the great tools for email marketing strategy and the usage of academic writing service providers.

4) Thesaurus

This is a reliable tool for writers who are willing to improve their writing skills by enhancing their overall command of the English Language. Thesaurus has covered writers with a trusted collection of around three million synonyms and antonyms. This tool allows you to filter the search results according to relevance, complexity, and word length. This is exceedingly beneficial for writing captions on social media.

5) Copyscape

This tool helps the content writer to deliver plagiarism-free content. Indisputably, plagiarism is an offense that is committed by many writers. With the help of Copyscape, it is exceedingly easy to find similar content on Google. By using this writers can easily make their content authentic and hundred percent original. Plagiarized content is also linked to Google Penalties.

6) Cliché finder

Cliché finder is a tool that plays a pivotal role in avoiding repetitive and overused phrases that add zero value to the article. It checks the overall articles, highlights the cliché, and exactly tells you the lines that need to be adjusted. So, a cliché finder is counted among the splendid content writing tools because it helps in improving the overall quality of work.

Alongside, this tool can also be helpful while writing an email, and therefore it is a great idea to use this tool in email marketing strategy. This simple and easy-to-use tool analyzes the text and helps you remove clichés so the message is effectively and efficiently delivered to the target audience.

7) Onetab

If you are a content writer, you must know how much research is needed to write content. This is why writers juggle with too many tabs. With the help of Onetab tool, writers can convert all the tabs into one list. Writers have access to many tabs simultaneously. It avoids clutter and speeds up your laptop/PC by saving a lot of memory storage. This tool lets writers write more and more articles with less battery usage.

With the help of Onetab, different writers can share their tabs. So, it becomes easy for them to discuss their concerns and details with each other.

8) Reedsy

If you are a dramatic and poetic kind of person, and if you find poetic pieces appealing, then reedsy is a must-have tool for you. This tool consists of many rhymes, poems, homophones, and other similar-sounding words that can be used by writers for composing poetic pieces of content. Alongside, this tool also helps in finding synonyms, antonyms, and adjectives related to the work you are searching for. This tool is a go-to place for writers when they cannot figure out the appropriate words to express their thoughts.

Now is the time to take your assignments/content to next level 

The aforementioned content writing tools help writers and academic writing service providers to make the content creating process smooth and streamlined. Tools that help in researching, checking, and proofreading can save a lot of time and energy. By using these tools, writers will have more and more time to focus on enhancing the overall quality of content.

Content strategies play a pivotal role in many kinds of marketing campaigns. It helps you come up with creative content that leaves a positive impact on your target audience.

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