Beginner’s Guide For New Battlefield Players

Online gaming is now the most popular and exciting thing among youth and adults nowadays. Various games can be easily downloaded and installed on Android mobiles. One needs to have good RAM and internal storage to play the game without any issues. Battlefield 5 is the new and trending game available for Android mobiles, PC, PS4, and Xbox One, among different online games. The game was launched in November 2018. There are various ways to have a good rank in this game. In this article, you will get the best beginner’s guide and tips on battlefield 2042 esp cheat to know about the game and increase your playing speed.

Guide for Battlefield 5

Are you new to this game and having difficulty competing with others? Well, with the list full of guides, you will be able to outcast others in the game.

Best weapons

Although various weapons are available in the game, different weapons have different features, making it challenging to choose one. 

  1. StG 44: This is the first weapon available with versatility. Although the damage may not be great, it can also be used to hit from long range.
  2. Turner SMLE: This weapon is not good to have close-range shots, which is a common issue with pistols.
  3. Suomi KP/-31: This is the best-geared weapon you will get from the game, with a high firing capability rate.
  4. Bren Gun: Bren Gun is recommended for users who favor using LMG on the battlefield.
  5. M30 Drilling: The best shotgun that you can avail of is M30 Drilling which is excellent at close encounters.
  6. Kar 98K: This weapon is for those who prefer sniper rifles with a slow fire rate but can cause severe damage.
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How Can You Upgrade Your Weapon?

In Battlefield 5, you will get a plethora of weapon choices. The weapons vary in shape, size, and features. The best part about this game is that you can customize your weapons according to your choice to get better at killing enemies.

At first, you will be having a single weapon while the other will remain unlocked. Then the guns will have different classes, and each style has its rank. After that, increase the level by playing in the specific class, and you will be able to unlock the weapons. If you wish to update your weapons, then go for the “Specialization” section. Here you will notice that you will not upgrade until you reach rank 5 with your particular weapon. Once you attain rank 5, you can customize the weapons by clicking on “Reset.” 


A complete Guide for Building:

For newcomers, DICE has created the “build” feature in Battlefield 5. This allows you to reconstruct the destroyed walls, windows, and doors. 

It would be best to press the d-pad to access the building tool, which is either in the shape of a hammer or sandbag. You will be able to see the outlines of the things you want to construct. Here you can only build specific stuff on the map. Please keep in mind that every object you create has infinite health, and there is no health bar provided. But your enemies can shoot or blow the walls of sandbags.

Grand operations

With the facility of Grand operations in Battlefield 5, you can go for four possible matches to be determined on the winning side.

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Day 1

The grand operation begins with two sides in which there is one attacking team and one defending team. In this, the attacking side has to place bombs in four places which have to be prevented by the defensive team.

Day 2

When the defending team is able to destroy all the four objectives, a bonus is given. There will be two modes either Conquest or Frontlines.

Day 3

If you have played the Frontlines, then you will be playing the Conquest and vice versa. 

Day 4

This is the day of ” Final Stand” mode. You can only get into this mode if there are no winners from the previous three days.

How to Achieve Company Coins

The best feature of Battlefield 5 is the microtransaction currency which is available from the Company coins. There are three daily orders to compete in 24 hours that reward you with 100 Company Coins.



If you are brand-new to this game, this guide must have provided you with essential guidance and cleared your issues with the game. Top game analysts offer this guidance for newcomers. Follow the guidance, and you will definitely get a good rank among others. Keep in mind not to make this an addiction.


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