Automated Cloud Testing: Importance and Challenges on the way!

Cloud computing has gradually taken over every industry and supports businesses in digital transformation. With cloud computing comes the need for software testing, as migrating to the cloud is a complex deal. Shifting your entire data and information from one place to another can cause various problems or challenges on the way. However, software testing is a process that saves time and resources for your business. Software testing enables a smooth cloud computing process and validates the problems beforehand to fix them. However, cloud testing is a prolonged process bringing in the need for automation.   

Importance of Cloud Test Automation:   

Automating the software testing process helps the software testers automate most tasks and focus only on the critical ones. This way, it makes the process faster and easier. Furthermore, there can be various tasks that do not require human intelligence, and thus the testing experts can resort to AI/ML for the same, which can help automate the process.   

During the cloud computing process, you must get it tested by QA experts and make sure that your data issues can be resolved quickly. However, automation is a blessing in disguise that helps you buy more time and save you more resources. There can be distinct reasons which explain the importance of automating the cloud testing process:   

Faster Recovery:

The automation process makes it easier to recover from the problems occurring. The issues can be easily resolved with cloud test automation, by identifying the root and automating the process. 

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The process at ease:

Automating the cloud computing process makes it easier for the testing teams to focus on the most critical tasks and leave the less important ones in the hands of automation. This makes the entire process easier and more efficient. Hence, you can say automation is a smarter way of testing software. 

More flexibility:

Once the process is under automation, it makes the process more flexible. The tests can be performed anytime and anywhere, making it easier for the teams to deliver timely results. 

Agile Delivery:

Automating the cloud testing process helps you have faster delivery as it saves a lot of time that could have been spent on testing the less crucial tasks. Hence, delivery agility is one more efficient factor in cloud test automation.   

Challenges in Cloud Test Automation process:   

A good thing takes its own time to happen, and there can be congestion or roadblocks in any process, which is quite common. Hence, avoiding or being ready with a solution to these challenges will make your cloud testing journey easier and faster.   

A challenging environment teaches us various aspects of a process. It can lead to discoveries and expertise in a specific field. Therefore, it is always a mindful decision to take help from the subject matter experts when it comes to a process like this. Moving on to discuss some of the most critical challenges that are expected to block your way:  

Security or data breaches:

In any cloud computing case, breaching data and security concerns can be one of the most challenging and expected problems to occur. When such massive data is transferred to clouds, there can be many ways in which your data can be breached and can harm your entire information infrastructure.

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A situation like this can be perilous and cost your business a bomb. The solution to such a problem is to have the right strategy and approach to the entire process, and for this, you should always look for experts in software automation testing.

Choosing an incompatible tool for automation:

To automate the cloud testing process, you require efficient tools to fulfill your tasks smoothly. For selecting the right tool for your process, you need to validate and look for the tools that best suit your automation testing requirements and strategies. In contrast, there could be three different challenging situations that could lead you to pick the wrong tool.

These could include lack of knowledge for the tool, tool cost exceeding your budget, or the tool that fits your budget has less test coverage. In all these situations, you are expected to select the wrong tool for your automation process. 

Incorrect validation of process:

To have a successful process, you must correctly plan and validate the it before initiating. During an automation process, the team must have the right approach and strategy for the process. It is essential to know when to start the automation process and when to stop. If this evaluation goes wrong, your entire process can be a waste for you, as the outcomes you would expect will never be delivered and will then delay the delivery

Lack of important skills:

An automation process requires different skills and knowledge to use the right automation tools and plan the entire process to achieve the desired results. Hence, lack of skills can be one of the most faced challenges while automating a cloud testing process. However, such a problem can be taken care of if you outsource the testing process from a team of experts who are skilled and trained to handle such software testing projects. 

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Budget Concerns:

A software testing process involves a reasonable budget; While a part of the expenditure brings a good ROI to the table. Getting your software tested is like getting confirmation. That all your business information is safe and sound while your software also works perfectly. During the cloud test automation process, you shall require a specified budget for the automation tools, human resources, and the training necessary for the team to do the work skillfully. Therefore, a lack of budget can be a bottleneck in the road to cloud test automation.   


Cloud test automation is one of the most efficient methods to complete your cloud computing process. However, there can be various challenges.  While you still have the breakthroughs that will help you achieve and complete the process successfully. It requires the proper planning and approach to the process and thus will help you achieve the desired results. To get help from the SMEs (subject matter experts) on cloud testing and automation services, feel free to speak with the QA experts.    

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