Astrology Tips for Good Health

Astrology Tips for Good Health

As per online astrology, all health issues or diseases are linked with a planet in the natal chart. Therefore, the particular planet is either sited in the wrong place, or such a planet adversely impacts it.

According to a famous astrologer, the planet that indicates physical health is the planet sun. So if the sun is promising but fragile in your natal chart, you need to wear a ruby gemstone of a minimum of 3 carats in a copper ring. It can be put on all the time or throughout the sunny periods.


If the moon in the natal chart is weak, it can result in diseases like diarrhea, asthma, blood-related problems, kidney problems, appendix, vomiting, diabetes, etc.


Jupiter is linked with health issues like jaundice, kidney problems, weak memory, diabetes, teeth problems, etc.


If Saturn is in the wrong position, it can result in issues like teeth problems, hearing defects, asthma, stomach pain, paralysis, weakness, knee pain, etc.


Suppose there is the existence of Roga Dosha in your natal chart. In that case, there are chances of you undergoing problems like a tumor, ulcer, piles, constant fever, urinary tract problems, blood-related problems, dehydration, skin itching, etc.


Anyone affected by the wrong placement of mercury in their natal chart may go through skin itching, epilepsy, skin problems, dizziness, complex fever, throat problems, paralysis, typhoid, hysteria, pneumonia, mental problems, etc.


If the sun in one’s birth chart is weak, then there are chances of that person facing issues related to heart, stomach, liver, skin, eyes, unconsciousness, constant fever, etc.


Rahu is related to health issues like measles, cancer, weakness, severe pain, and complete loss of sanity.


If the Ketu in your birth chart is not in the correct position, you may undergo weakness, allergies, blood problems, laziness, etc.

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Various Astrological Tips for Good Health

  1. Prepare a Diya using henna. Once it is done, water it on an Amavasya morning. Ensure that the Diya you will prepare has four sides, which signifies four places for keeping the wick. Also, keep some vermillion, a couple of curd drops inside it, seven grains of urad, and offer a couple of lemon slices to Bhairav Dev or Shiva Ji. Light the Diya in front of the god.
  2. Drinking Gangajal water can also be helpful for the person undergoing any health problem, as per online astrology.
  3. Another way to help the suffering person is by chanting the Mahamritunjaya.
  4. Daily watering the Banyan tree (excluding Sundays) is also a great way to keep away all the health issues. The males of the house should do Parikramas around the Banyan tree seven times; the females of the house avoid doing this.
  5. One can also offer water to Shiva Ji on every Purnima.
  6. Keep the roots of banyan and veronica cinerea with you. This can aid in warding off a long-standing ailment.

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Chakras and Their Associated Human Characteristics and Organs

1. Sacral Chakra

Psychological characteristics: financial wealth, luck, expansion, material, and spiritual life, education, dishonesty, justice, self-assurance, conflicting religion and philosophy, and passion.

Bodily health issues related to Pancreas, buttocks, blood vessels, sexual urges, hips, hormones, obesity, ovaries, liver, testicle problems, sexual endocrine gland problems, etc.

2. Solar Plexus Chakra

Psychological characteristics: Determination, clarity, energy drive, big-heartedness, daring, protection, freedom.

Bodily health issues related to Skin rashes, Pancreas, suicidal tendencies, electronic shock, bile, accidents, fractures, burns, digestive system, fever, head, etc.

3. Throat Chakra

Psychological characteristics: Poor decision-making, lack of intellect, and interaction.

Bodily health issues related to Hands, arms, tongue, mouth, skin, nervous system, deafness, dyspepsia, insomnia, bronchial tube, abdomen, etc.

4. Third Eye Chakra:

Psychological characteristics: misjudgment, overconfidence, lack of awareness, and dominating.

Physical or mental health problems related to gallbladder, blood pressure, eyesight, lack of appetite, immune system, sleep disorder, face, tuberculosis, cold, over-reaction, hypersensitivity, and cough.

5. Root Chakra:

Psychological characteristics: Being greedy, insomnia, work longevity, fear, facing

challenging situations, being unconfident.

Physical or mental health problems related to Rheumatism, teeth, feet, flesh, joints, muscles, bone, and endocrine adrenal cortex.

6. Heart Chakra

Psychological characteristics: Importance for luxuries, unhealthy relationships, extreme affection for worldly things, and failure in love

Physical health problems related to sexual organs, kidneys, semen, menstrual irregularity, neck, throat, pelvis, thymus, and urinary bladder.

7. Crown Chakra

Physical or mental health problems related to Maternity, emotional disorder, productivity, nervous system, memory problems, epilepsy, nightmares, paralysis, muscular systems, and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.


People having a strong belief in astrology have always considered the planetary position to know their traits and health and predict the future. Chat with an astrologer today if you want more details about your natal.

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