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Aspects to think about before you rent a co-working space

When you first start your business, finding an office can be daunting. With all the variables to consider – from rent to proximity – it is easy for a would-be entrepreneur with limited resources to get overwhelmed and discouraged. Fortunately, there are more alternatives than ever before in this space. Some people are now turning to co-working spaces as they take off in popularity. Here are the aspects to think about before you rent a good coworking space:

24/7 access

Co-working spaces are an excellent choice for people who work at odd hours, especially if they only need a place to sleep. If you are not one of them, consider that many co-working spaces have a strict policy to ensure that members do not stay overnight. When it comes to your productivity, having the option to work anytime is liberating, but what if you want to use the facilities without working? It is worth asking about this before signing up.

Meetups and networking events

Organizations and groups that use co-working spaces for their members also make a great place to meet like-minded folks. Due to the nature of these events, you can often find like-minded people with similar interests working nearby, which is a great start for a new social circle or business venture!

Easy access to Wi-Fi, printer, and scanner

A good coworking space does not only have the basic equipment to keep you productive all day long, but it also has most of the tools you would find in your home office: high-speed internet access, printing facilities, and scanners are just some of them.

You can often find deals that include some of the most common business tools, such as a domain name, website hosting, and e-mail accounts. Having these options available in one place can help you save money and let you work more effectively.

A quiet room is ideal for focused work.

If you’re going to be productive in a co-working space, you should be able to focus on your work for hours. For this reason, it’s best to find out if there are quiet rooms where members can get some rest or if they have lounges where they can take a break from their desks.

If you’re a person who works best when surrounded by other people, you might choose to find out the area’s atmosphere before signing up to be sure it’s a good fit.

A kitchen is a bonus to your productivity.

It’s easy to feel more productive when you’re allowed to eat at your desk. However, such places often have tiny kitchens that don’t allow food preparation in private. If such a case bothers you, try having dinner with colleagues at another nearby place and bringing your food back while having work time all in one place!

Acceptable prices

While the price of a co-working space can vary greatly depending on the location, what you pay will be directly linked to your business needs. If you’re an individual freelancer who doesn’t have any big projects lined up and only needs a place to stay in a quiet area, it might be wise to spend less because there won’t be many members in that location. However, if you are working on a big project or are planning to invest your time in opening a small business, you should check out the startup packages available before signing up.

Networking opportunities

If you’re already a freelancer, co-working spaces provide a good place to expand your network and client base. However, if this is something you’re still thinking about, it might be best to look for co-working places that are also home to startup accelerators, incubators, or co-working facilities that provide mentoring.

Even if you’re not a freelancer or entrepreneur, co-working spaces in your hometown are worth checking out. Whether you need to stay organized, make friends, or build a team for work, the above features of a good co-working space will help you find what suits your needs best.

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