Are virtual offices only virtual? What options can give you physical access in virtual offices?

With the radical changes observed in the way we work, virtual is the new norm. Virtual sounds like its presence are only on the internet; however, with changing dynamics, this thought has also altered. A virtual office in Mumbai allows you to work remotely, but you continue to have access to the office address and the phone number. It’s just like a place that is an underpin but provides the flexibility of working from anywhere.

This revolutionary way of working is also called a plug-and-play office that is gaining popularity with each passing day. 

This has been made possible because of the internet and its far-reaching scope. We all know the confluence of business and technology can supplement large businesses, leading them towards the establishment.   Thus, when you are asked for your office address, you can mention the virtual office address for company registration, if it is a new venture. If it is an existing business, you may correspond through the virtual office address and feel empowered with the name associated with you. 

A virtual office in Mumbai address is much more than a P.O. Box number and offers equipped seats with reigning technology and an advanced system of security. If you are working on discrete projects, such as an office address can be mentioned, while you can continue to work from wherever you want to. This gives an identity to your business and is legal to use in the company papers too. You must be wondering what are the services offered by the virtual office.

These are mentioned below:

  1. Correspondence through mail and call: Just like a physical office would have a board line number, this office too will have a professional call and mail handling team. It enables ease of work and provides an ambiance which is better than traditional ones, with no responsibilities attached. It is, for this reason, it can be utilized as the business registration address too as it is not just convenient but also legal. 
  2. A professional address: It is not a good idea to send your home address for your official purpose. So even though you are working from home, this virtual address would be your registered address. You can correspond using emails, letters, and even by holding meetings. The Virtual offices have the facility of video-conferencing and are laden with technology to make the office plain sailing for you. 
  3. Access to coworking space of the virtual office: On days when you wish to come to work and feel that this will enhance your productivity, the coworking space is also available. So even though you are using a virtual office, you have the accessibility to furnished office space, even if it is for an hour. Since you pay for what you use, it is convenient and easy to opt for. 
  4. Reception services: Just like in traditional offices you had someone to greet your guests, the virtual offices also have the same. This feature enhances your credence as an employee/owner and you feel delighted when an important client is received well. 

With so many advantages, IKEVA offers a little more. Please connect with us to know more about the flexible terms and conditions that will help you to discern among options. IKEVA is a well-built name providing good services and a professional outlook for those who are looking forward to a career progression. 

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