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App Development for Salons: 5 Salon Management Tips

With over 44,000 salons in the UK, it can be a challenge to make yours stand out even with the best marketing strategies. So why not try a new tactic with something that improves efficiency and outreach? 

Elevating how you manage your beauty salon not only helps your current customers but can also attract new ones. And the best way to achieve this is to learn how app development for salons works for your management goals. 

Start by reading what proper management entails with these 5 tips. 

1. Make Reservations Easy

A large part of your management plan should be to make it easy for your clients to visit your salon. 

By creating your own app, you allow reservations to happen anywhere and anytime on your clients’ smartphones. Plus, a custom app from is completely made for your business. Therefore, you can add any features you want, from real-time calendars to rescheduling capabilities. 

2. Set Reminders for Clients

When you create an app, you also make it simple for your clients to keep their appointments. There will be no more reasonS to make appointment-reminder phone calls or have clients calling to double-check their time slots. 

In-app reminders can be automatic on so all you need to do is choose the setting to decide when you want your customers to get a notice. 

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This management style keeps your customers happy and saves them from missing an appointment by allowing them to keep track of their schedule. 

3. Offer Style Libraries 

Business management isn’t all about making and keeping appointments. The salon industry is all about fashion and how to make clients feel good about their appearance. 

So, try offering a style library in your app to help your customers decide on their next look. The library might include the latest colour trends, cuts, and even styling products. 

You may even use an augmented reality feature that creates a real-life simulation of each style on your customer’s body. 

4. Supply Stylist Profiles

With over half of hair stylists being self-employed, getting noticed is more personal than you may think. That is why portfolios for stylists are essential to getting customers. 

Even if you have a salon staff, creating a section for each employee to discuss their experience as a stylist and approach to hair design helps customers pick the perfect match. This is a great strategy for salon management to assign clients without playing favourites. 

Plus, your employees can view their schedules according to their assigned clientele and only come into the salon during their appointment times. This practice will save your business overhead on unnecessary work hours. 

5. Communicate with Your Clients

One of the best management tips for any business is to stay in contact with your customers. 

With an app, you can have a direct line of communication with your clients without burdening them or getting lost in their inboxes. The app also helps your clients contact you. Include a chat option with AI capabilities to answer common questions that also connects to a representative when needed. 

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Get Started With an App Development for Salons

All of these management tips are best when applied to your app development for salons. And getting started on your app is simple when you use our AI tools at

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