An Effective Fat Burning Workout Plan 

An Effective Fat Burning Workout Plan 

There are a lot of different fat-burning workout plans out there. But which one is going to work for you? It can be tough to know. Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you, and we’ve found a workout plan that we think will give you the best results. 

This workout plan is designed to help you torch fat while still maintaining muscle. It’s important to remember that when you’re trying to lose fat, you can’t just focus on cardio. You need to include strength training as well. You can also download the workout tracker app for iOS by Train Fitness. This workout plan will have you doing a mix of both. 

Each week, you’ll do 3 days of strength training and 3 days of cardio. We’ll start with strength training because that’s what’s going to help you maintain your muscle mass as you lose fat. 

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you’ll do a full-body strength-training routine. This routine should include compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows. 

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you’ll do 20 minutes of HIIT cardio. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. That means that you’ll alternate between periods of all-out effort and active recovery. For example, you might sprint for 30 seconds and then jog for 30 seconds. 

If HIIT sounds too intense for you, don’t worry. You can always modify it to fit your fitness level. Just make sure that you’re always pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone—that’s how you’re going to see results. 

HIIT cardio is incredibly effective at burning fat because it keeps your heart rate up even after you finish working out. That means that you’ll continue to burn calories long after your workout is over. 

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If you’re looking for a fat-burning workout plan that actually works, look no further than this one. This workout routine combines strength training and HIIT cardio to help you torch fat while still maintaining muscle mass. And best of all? It only takes 3 days per week—so it fits easily into even the busiest schedules!

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