Latest Must-Have Trends

All The Latest Must-Have Trends in Women’s Fashion

Ready to invigorate your wardrobe with the latest trends? 

From mood-enhancing bright colors to fashionable catsuits and boho style, this year we’re seeing some brand new trends as well as the return of some old-school favorites. 

Read on to learn more about all the latest must-have trends in women’s fashion! We’ve included tips on how you can save on some of these new trends. 

The Top New Trends

  • Casual basics

Ever since the start of the pandemic, comfortable clothing is in. With many people switching to remote work, people are ditching their usual suits and skirts for comfortable basics. Wide-legged pants, loose blouses, and even form-fitting joggers are all becoming acceptable to wear to the office. 

If you ‘re looking to splurge on some casual basics for yourself without blowing your budget, check out Tommy Bahama. They offer plenty of casual basics for both men and women that prioritize comfort and quality materials. Use a stylish outfit by Tommy Bahama coupon to save on basic essentials you can wear everyday! 

  • Head-to-toe colors 

Skip the tans and neutrals this year and opt for head-to-toe neutrals instead! Designers like Paul Macartney filled the runways with top-to-toe brights featuring everything from highlighter yellow to Kermit the Frog green. From dresses to blazers, it’s time to inject some bright color into your wardrobe. 

Just make sure you think about what hues match best with your overall skin tone. If you need an outfit for a wedding or christening, a blocked-out color look is the perfect choice for summer! 

  • Fringe

While some new trends are form-fitting, like catsuits, others are inspired by boho fashion. Another trend we are seeing all over the runway this year is fringe and tassels. Fringe is actually incredibly easy to wear and a lot of fun for summer. 

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You can use fringe to conveniently cover any little areas you might be subconscious about. While you can wear fringe everyday, it’s especially perfect for evening wear or wearing at a festival. The swishing of the fringe is especially great for dancing!

  • Sequins 

Sequins aren’t just for Christmas or the holidays. Take inspiration from Chanel and Valentino and you can rock sequins year round. Sequins are the perfect choice for date night, a concert or a summer party. 

The key to wearing sequins outside of the holiday season is to tone them down. Rather than go for a head-to-toe look, opt for a sequin statement piece. A pair of sequin shoes or a sequin purse makes a good choice. If you wear a sequin piece, avoid other loud prints and fabrics like florals or stirpes. 

If you do choose a sequin dress, pair it with neutral shoes and minimal accessories. 

  • Animal prints

Animal prints are one of the few patterns that comes back season after season. This year, it’s no different and we’re seeing animal prints in the runway shoes of Prada and Marc Jacobs. Despite being a bold print, animal styled prints are actually considered pretty neutral, so feel free to mix and match with other staples you already have in your closet. 

So how should you wear animal prints? Get inspired by famous designers and relive the 80s with animal print shoulders pads, mini skirts and head-to-toe dresses. If you’re feeling bold, nail two trends at once by mixing animal prints and fringe!

  • Sportswear

Everywhere you look on the runways this year, you’ll see sportswear. What was once clothing you only wore lounging around your home, is now cemented as a classic staple in every women’s wardrobe. We’re even seeing high-fashion designers like Roksanda with Italian sportswear brand Fila. 

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If you’re used to a more polished look, try adding one sportswear element to your regular style. For instance, you can add a ski-inspired jacket over jeans and your usual blouse. 

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