Air Conditioner’s Unintentional Negative Impact: AC Can Give You Poor Sleep

According to new research, air conditioning may provide comfort, but it has a negative impact on sleep. When you have weaker physical strength or a larger sensitivity to cold, the cold airflow may have a stronger impact on your overall sleep quality.

Configure the airflow velocity of your air conditioner to provide a comfortable sleeping environment, since a study has found that when airflow is directed at a human body at an insensible velocity, it can elevate your heart rate and interfere with your resting position, among other things. If you are visiting the city of Ahmedabad this summer, do check out ac on rent in Ahmedabad to beat the heat.

What Happens when we are Exposed to AC?

When exposed to an air conditioner with a mean velocity of 0.14 m/s, the participants’ body movements are greatly enhanced, their heart rate is elevated, and their frequency of waking is significantly raised, according to the findings published in the journal of Energy and Buildings.

According to this finding, participants with weaker physical strength or greater sensitivity to cold may experience a greater impact from the cold airflow on their overall sleep quality.

In a study conducted by researchers at the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan, they discovered that;

  • Airflow from an air conditioner stimulates the human body when sleeping and has an impact on sleep conditions even when the mean airflow velocity is lower than the threshold of human perception.
  • While air conditioning may provide some comfort, don’t go overboard with the cold factor because it can cause irregular sleeping patterns.
  • According to the research team, which was led by Professor Kazuyo Tsuzuki, the subjects slept in two separate bedrooms with air conditioners set at various airflow velocities.

The Comparison

In the following step, they did a comparison between the depth of sleep and body temperature control measured by electroencephalogram (EEG) and subjective reporting by the subjects.

At a room temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, a comparison was done between the effects of two types of airflow, with a mean velocity of 0.14 meters per second (generic AC) and 0.04 meters per second (customized AC) in this study.

It implies that some air conditioning settings may unintentionally have a negative impact on sleep quality, despite the fact that the person is comfortable.

During both awake and sleep, the individuals reported that the higher airflow velocity made them feel cooler.

However, there was no statistically significant difference in the feeling of comfort, the length of sleep depth, the skin temperature, the rectal temperature, or the perception of warmth or coolness in each individual prior to sleeping between the two groups.


The outcome provides an important indication as to how to regulate the airflow velocity of an air conditioner in order to generate a comfortable sleep environment. This was in a nutshell about how our daily household Air conditioner impacts our day to day life unintentionally.Don’t let the heat fail your plans. If you are visiting Ghaziabad, we highlighly recommend you to check out ac on rent in Ghaziabad.

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