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Advantages of Using Serverwala Dedicated Server in Houston For Business Website

You can discover a wide range of hosting services to host your website, web application, or mail server. The most basic choice is the shared server hosting. In this type of hosting, you share the server space, and its web resources with the other users residing on the server. However, your web business after acquiring a considerable traffic volume needs more power and control. Thus, as your business grows, you will require the support of a Dedicated Server Houston. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about dedicated servers in Houston. Let us first find the significant reasons to choose dedicated server hosting Houston for your web business.

Advantages of Using Serverwala Dedicated Server in Houston For Business Website

Why Choose Dedicated Server in Houston for Business?

In Houston dedicated server hosting, you will rent a server from a dedicated hosting provider. Your dedicated server Houston functions solely for your web business. Furthermore, you will have the exclusive use of your server’s resources. Your hosting provider will work with you to render all the required web resources such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space. The provider takes charge of building and maintaining the dedicated server Houston. Here are some of the crucial privileges that are being rendered by the dedicated server hosting Houston-

Unique IP address

With the dedicated server Houston, your business website will get a unique IP address. The unique IP address helps you to maintain business integrity. Moreover, it also lets your business website rank better on the search engines.

No overhead for buying or managing equipment

The dedicated server hosting Houston provides a low-cost solution to access the resources of an entire server. It helps you to save time and resources to maintain your server on your own. Your hosting provider owns the cost of building and maintaining server equipment. Thus, your overhead will get reduced. You will not need to purchase the server space. However, your return on investment will improve.

Root Access

You will have root access to your best dedicated server Houston. It will let you configure your server the way you want. You can customize your applications or programs based on the needs of your business website. You can install the operating system that fits the best to your web business.


Better Security

The dedicated server Houston renders the independent and private hosting environment. Thus, your business website will get full security. You also get the power to add high security layers against all the cyber threats and data breaches.

To achieve the full advantage of the dedicated server Houston, find reliable Houston dedicated server hosting. Let us introduce you to one of the leading hosting companies – Serverwala. The Serverwala hosting company is renowned and best-known for rendering the best-dedicated server in Houston. Jump to the following section to know the benefits of the Serverwala dedicated server Houston.

Advantages of Using Serverwala Houston Based Dedicated Server

The Serverwala hosting company offers the cheap dedicated server Houston with high-grade services. It provides the best-dedicated server in Houston. Further, it aims to render upfront charges to its clients. You will be given access to the full billing through the dashboard. That is because you can have the complete and clear charges of hosting services. Here are the significant benefits of the Serverwala cheap dedicated server in Houston-

DDoS Protection

With the dedicated server Houston, your business website will get a high level of data security. Further, you will also get an SSL certificate and 2048 encryption with all the Serverwala data center hosting packages.

Low Latency

Your business website will be able to run at twenty times faster speed. The dedicated server hosting Houston comes up with intensified security, reliability, and speed.

SSH Root Control

With the dedicated server Houston, you will have full root access. It will let you make server configurations and customization easily.

Premium Bandwidth

The Serverwala bare metal dedicated server Houston will provide you the fastest network. Your business website will have a 100% uptime network guarantee. The website can experience from 100 Mb/s to GBPS bandwidth. The service level agreement will also be rendered to you from the Serverwala company.

Private VLAN Subnets

With the Serverwala cheap dedicated server Houston will provide you the opportunity to build private server clusters. To make it happen, you can utilize the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets.

Serverwala – Choose the best Dedicated Server in Houston with Cheap Plans

The Serverwala hosting company offers different dedicated server Houston plans and packages to host different kinds of web business. The company offers both types of hosting services – managed and unmanaged Houston dedicated server hosting services. You can pick the managed dedicated server Houston if you want your server to be maintained completely by your hosting provider. Your server will be configured, monitored, secured, updated, and customized by the Serverwala professional team. The team will make sure that your dedicated server Houston works efficiently to let your website give a seamless performance. On the other hand, you can opt for unmanaged dedicated server hosting if you need complete control of your server operations.

Moreover, no matter which type of hosting you choose, you will acquire 24/7 technical support. The Serververwala company offers technical assistance from certified and trained professionals. You will have expert solutions to all your server issues. Also, you will be ensured to get the solution in the minimum possible time.  The company makes sure that no server problem must affect the functioning of your business website. You will face the least downtime with all the dedicated server Houston plans and packages.


The dedicated server Houston enables you to advance your business website with the utmost efficiency. The Serverwala cheap dedicated server Houston will let you save your money. You will be able to invest your savings in other aspects of your business. It will help you to strengthen the core of your business. Furthermore, the Serverwala hosting company renders round-the-clock customer support. You can connect with the company’s professionals via various communication modes- Whatsapp, Live Chat, Email, Phone Call, Skype. You can check out the official website of the company and get to know more about the best-dedicated server in Houston –

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