Advantages of Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is a process of learning where the planning, teaching and assessment focuses on the individual needs and interests of each student. It specially concentrates on the requirement of the student on individual level and maintains the disabilities of that particular student’s learning. Today students are mostly opting for online education where they get a lot of help from the LMS portal. The LMS portal is available for the students to guide them through the online learning process completely. Personalized learning makes students take ownership of their own learning. For example, in private tuition where one to one tutoring happens where two individuals, a learner and a tutor collaborate in this type of learning and a single tutor puts all his focus and concentration in finding the problems and issues in that particular student and not only providing the solutions to the issues but also providing a proper learning schedule so that the student can get personalised care for his studies and can perform the best. Apart from this mentoring a student, online course providers, search engines and corporate training are suitable examples of personalized learning. It is a fact that in a class full of 30-40 students, a teacher cannot pay attention to each and every student. Due to which 90% students have doubts unsolved till the annual exam and as a result either they get poor grades or they fail but in personalized learning a single student is given proper attention and course and study material is designed according to his need and understanding. Following this school managements are opting for a school information management system to keep the loop of information clear among all the departments.

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Personalized learning is always a student-centred learning process where learning activities and processes are very purposeful and are designed according to student’s interest. Personalized learning process makes and creates an active learning environment where students decide learning methods according to their convenience and because of this reason this process includes a variety of learning styles which can help and enhance the learning ability of the learner. As personalized learning is student centred, this process keeps in loop that student’s needs regarding study process, study material and learning method should be easy and beneficial for the students. It is just like a school information management system which keeps all the departments of the school management in loop of its information.  In Personalized learning tutors pay personal attention and care towards the child so that his or her intellectuality, creativity and intelligence can be enhanced and improved much faster than in the common study method. In this type of learning students collaborate and amalgamate their learning intelligence with their peer group participating or others in order to share their ideas, knowledge and information that can benefit the learner in overall aspects. Here a particular teacher is fixed to help and guide the students to attain the knowledge and information. In this way the teacher is able to keep an eye on each student individually and make him or her understand the course material properly and solve his/her doubt. On the other hand, students are also given an opportunity to create their own content so that they don’t have to bear that study content which they are totally uncomfortable with and don’t feel like learning.

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Not every student is the same, students are different from each other in the matter of weakness and strength or grasping power. So, personalized learning moves with the pace of students, it never happens in a class full of students with different abilities but it is possible in personalized learning to get every student individually. There are several types of motivation where students get to choose the tasks due to different motivation but the personalized learning makes students opt their own path. 

Students are able to perform personalized learning more effectively if they are provided with technical support like online learning tools such as education apps, online learning websites etc. Ed techs helps students to decorate their future career wise. When students pursuing personalized learning sit together in one class then they discuss their own methods of learning which they have discovered according to their convenience and learn from each other which makes their learning easier and enhanced. Personalized learning makes students learn according to his or her convenience. That means they can ask their queries personally and can get solutions to those queries whereas this can’t happen in a class full of crowd because a teacher can’t focus on each student while he or she is teaching is a traditional method. This approach of learning broadens the width of abilities of the students because being taught under personalized learning they can give a new dimension to the learning in their classrooms.


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