A tutorial for easy fan lashes mixed tray

The lash business is continually changing. Easy fan lash trays are an obvious example – some lash artists love them, while others hate them. But what exactly does the word “easy fanning” mean, and how to use this item?

1. What exactly are easy fanning lashes?

Other brands also refer to easy fanning lashes as flowering or self-fanning lashes. Easy fanning lashes is preferable for lash artists who want to speed up the process of creating a unique volume set.

Easy fanning lashes have numerous layers of individual lashes linked by a minimal amount of glue, unlike other lash extensions made with one layer of individual lashes (i.e. Mink lashes). When a lash technician wiggles the tweezers over the easy fanning lashes, they spread out and produce a beautiful fan just in seconds. Easy fan lashes mixed tray is fantastic because the sticky lash strip maintains the volume fans in place and prevents them from detaching at the base, giving you plenty of time to modify the size or shape of the fan.

2. How to utilize easy fanning lashes 

You may build a flawless fan with effortless fanning lashes by following a three-line guide (A, B, and C). Take these three steps:

Step 1: Pick up the lashes.

Picking up easy fanning volume lashes too far away from the lash roots might cause individual lashes to separate. You should pick up from line B’s lashes.

Step 2: Placing the lashes on the adhesive strip

Reattach the easy fanning volume lashes on the strip to form an equally shaped fan. Make sure they’re on the same line with the lash strip’s bottom (line C). Reattaching the lashes too low is not recommended. The upper lashes will become trapped in the adhesive strip, preventing the fan from opening. And if you reattach the lashes too high up, they’ll move too much, and wriggling out the fan will be difficult.

Step 3: Creating a fan

To open the fan, gently lean on and wiggle across line B. It would be best if you did not wiggle the root of the fan lashes. The fan will most certainly detach, and the Easy Fanning lashes’ glue will get your tweezers sticky. From above Line B, do not wriggle. When you try to open the easy fan lashes from the midst of the stem, it isn’t easy to get an evenly formed fan.

Step 4: Separate the fanned lashes from easy fan lash trays

Take the fan from line A. It is an excellent spot for picking up the fan without causing it to lose its pristine form. Trying to pick up the fan from below Line A will leave you with little room to dip the fan in the glue dot, resulting in poor retention. It will be challenging to keep the form of the fan if you lift the lash fan from above Line A.

3. The advantages of using easy fanning eyelashes 

Huge time saver

It is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable part about utilizing simple fan volume lashes! Making handcrafted lash fans is akin to making a piece of art, and it can take up to 3 hours to complete. Not to mention the fact that refining the methods of hand-held volume fanning takes a long time (months to years!). Using simple fanning volume lashes may save you a lot of time and effort.

There are no exorbitant course costs.

The cost of learning an advanced skill such as volume lash application is pretty high. Courses can cost somewhere between $300 and $2,000. It might be a costly purchase for someone who is just getting started. Using an easy fan lashes mixed tray to create volume lash fans does not need further training. After a few hours of practice, you’ll be able to master the feat. However, understanding how to determine the amount and weight of volume lashes is something you should never overlook. It is a requirement if you want to do lash extensions professionally.

Design can be customizable.

You’ll appreciate easy fanning lashes if you’ve used premade fans but find they restrict your ability to modify the appearance, and you’re not ready to leap into the handcrafted volume game. You can effortlessly customize the number of lashes from 2D to 20D and the size from narrow to wide with easy fanning lashes.

We suggest LLBA Professional’s product if you want easy lash fans. The adhesive on the base of the unique sticky lash strip prevents the fans from separating at the root, allowing you to make the ideal fan in seconds. Each row comes with a sticker that you may place on your work area to help you work more efficiently and swiftly.

We hope you found this helpful instruction in mastering the easy fan lashes mixed tray! Try that!

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