A list of 15 best programming exams available at Mercer| Mettl

A coding exam is a complete evaluation strategy of an applicant’s specialized talent. A recruiting manager screens out quality technical skills from a vast collection by using a combination of application-based strategies and knowledge such as simulators and MCQs to measure job-relevant talents.

An online programming aptitude test also produces some fascinating ideas. Recruiting managers can track applicants’ performance on each query. Thus, you can instantly spot topic areas that prove to be difficult and appear to be differentiating against good applicants. During the exam, the improvement of individual programmers, called a graded course, can also be conspired, allowing you to comprehend which applicants were close to their conclusive mark a few minutes before the coding exam. 

Coding tests clarify whether the candidate can satisfy the important standards and job needs. A significant talent evaluation from the onset provides that the ensuing measures help successful recruiting. Hence, coding exams are best suited before the discussion round and should be administered as a part of specialized screening. 

Here’s a list of the 15 best programming exams available at Mercer| Mettl:

Recognize the right applicant for any type of coding role with Mercer | Mettl’s programming aptitude assessment providing real-life project opportunities. Evaluates applicants for back-end, front-end, full-stack, data science, DevOps, and many other positions. Our fast and accurate evaluations utilize auto-grading via pre-defined test situations.

  • Front-end:

  • Javascript programming exam: This programming exam is aimed at deeply assessing the ideas, knowledge, application, and research skills of the target spectators in front-end development using CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5. This exam will assist you in evaluating your understanding of HTML5 coding concepts, expertise in JavaScript, mastery of CSS3, and hands-on programming skills.
  • AngularJS programming exam test: Mettl’s AngularJS online programming exam is specially created to determine the skills of a newbie to intermediate-level AngularJS developer. Mettl’s AngularJS exam framework contains AngularJS MCQs, as well as hands-on programming exams for a complete overview of the applicant’s skill set.
  • Ajax programming exam: This programming aptitude exam evaluates an applicant’s knowledge and skills needed to create web applications by utilizing AJAX. This exam wraps basic AJAX concepts like communication setup, Event Management, graceful degradation, DOM Manipulation, visual elements, Performance, and security. This exam is important for evaluating profiles such as programmers, web developers, and other IT experts.
  • Back-end:

  • Java programming exam: This coding assessment is aimed at deeply determining the ideas, knowledge, application, and analysis skills of the target spectators in Java Spring. Mettl’s Java Spring Developer exam is specially created to cater to the status of skills that a good newbie to intermediate level Java Spring developer would be envisioned to have.
  • Python programming exam: This programming exam is created to determine an applicant’s knowledge of basic concepts of Python, expertise in composing reusable Django/Python programs along with the capability to use Python language and functional libraries. The exam also evaluates fluency in Django Views and URL, programming prowess, capability to write functional and unit exams, and skills in unifying numerous data authorities and databases.
  • Node JS programming exam: This node.js coding test helps the recruiter in evaluating basic ideas and applications of NPM, callbacks, buffers and streams, file systems, and events. Understanding of refined topics such as rest APIs and nodes, node modules, node frameworks, encryption, and packaging. In expansion, hands-on expertise in node.js coding, writing, and executing reusable and testable programs.
  • Full-stack:

  • Java full stack exam: A full stack developer coding exam is used to evaluate an applicant’s expert competition, whether it’s about systems engineering, handling database tasks, clients, or servers. The exam shows whether the applicant being evaluated knows the multi-tier web application structure with abstraction layered structure. The exam helps assess an applicant’s talent for comprehending business needs based on his/her designation of the most appropriate design patterns and technical structure.
  • DevOps:

  • Core java developer test: Core Java programming exam assists tech hirers in assessing the technical skills of applicants for Core Java. Seasoned Java professionals have developed and validated these Java coding skills exams in conformity with industry norms. This java exam will assist you to evaluate the basics of Java coding, Object-Oriented coding concepts, proficiency in handling exceptions, understanding of general-purpose Core Java packages, multithreading coding concepts, development skills, and hands-on debugging.
  • Teradata exam: This Teradata exam is used to assess the Teradata and Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) talents of an applicant. The Teradata online exam is holistically created to evaluate applicants based on their basic Teradata skills.
  • Power Bi Assessment exam: Power Bi assessment exam allows hirers to assess an applicant based on their applied knowledge and skills. 
  • Data science:

  • SAS programming exam: Mettl’s SAS test lets you determine an applicant’s knowledge of the SAS and its basics, their capability of operating on this tool, and logical abilities. The test also offers complete feedback on their understanding of important subjects like data mining, statistics, and trial analysis, that the desired applicant must have.
  • Python programming exam: The Python coding test evaluates applicants’ understanding of the Python language and openness to aboriginal data structures. It’s an ideal pre-employment evaluating exam that estimates not only the applicants’ problem-solving skills in Python but also guarantees that they are well-versed in language constructs and aboriginal data structures.
  • R programming exam: This programming exam is aimed at deeply assessing the ideas, knowledge, application, and analysis skills of the target spectators in executing data analysis using R language. This exam will assist you in measuring fluency in R programming, hands-on R coding skills for Data Analysis, and fluency in widely used data science-based R libraries.
  • Database:

  • Java MySQL exam: This coding exam is aimed at deeply assessing the ideas, knowledge, application, and analysis skills of the target spectators in Core Java. The exam assists in measuring understanding of Java Programming, MySQL, SQL, SQL Query Writing Skills, and hands-on development skills.
  • Redis programming exam: Mettl’s Redis Skill exam is specially created to cater to the level of specialized aptitude of an IT expert – following Industry Norms – would be envisioned to have. The exam estimates technical skills along with a team that checks programming aptitude as well. Mettl can benchmark these exams for specific job positions with the vast collection of its employees recruiting for this job position.

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