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eResource Scheduler – A Leading Productivity Management Software for Remote Teams in 2022

You may have the best people in your team, but what if they perform as you expected? Lack of productivity in your resources can lead to unnecessary costs, wastage, and lesser business performance. But the question is, how can you track if your team is productive or not? And how do you measure productivity? The right productivity management software can monitor and measure your team’s performance and productivity. It also ensures that your resources are operating in alignment with your organizational goals. If you want to improve your organization-wide productivity, you should first gather the right and relevant data and analyze how your team is doing as per the defined goals. 

Defining a Productivity Management Software

Productivity management software is a tool that can enable you to successfully execute your business strategy and ensure. That your team is optimally utilized while meeting all timelines. Loaded with many beneficial features, productivity management software helps to simplify operations. Achieve the top level of productivity and performance, and manage your daily deliverables efficiently. AI-enabled resource management software comes with time-tracking, resource scheduling, utilization tracking, project management, and other specialized features that enable small and big organizations to manage their resources and projects effectively. Such a tool is particularly beneficial for improving communications, coordination, managing multiple working calendars, organizing video meetings, and having one online platform to share and save all data.  

Features of eResource Scheduler That Help Remote Teams

If you use eResource Scheduler Cloud, it will track and optimize productivity streamline project execution and ensure timely deliveries. A feature-rich interface powered with AI, eResource Scheduler is available at a competitive price. It can help you to enhance workflow scheduling, time-tracking, coordination, capacity planning, and a lot more.

1. Track how your resources spend time at work

Your team may include different profiles of people in different roles and have different competencies and experiences. As everyone’s working style also differs, some could be slow or not focused, while others may be highly driven and responsible. How can a project manager create balance and ensure that all the deliveries are completed on time and within budget? The first step is to ensure that all your team members spend their time efficiently on productive tasks. The right productivity management software such as eResource Scheduler with a time-tracking feature can be helpful. Such a tool tells you how your team uses their time, which tasks and for how long. You can also monitor their utilization and keep a check if they have enough workload. This clarity helps to prioritize tasks and also balance the workload equitably.

2. Do resource planning according to team’s capacity and demand 

Doing a resource management system helps manage your capacity and planning for demand logically. This way, you can hire a team that aligns well with the demand at hand and in the pipeline. With productivity management software such as eResource Scheduler, you can use advanced filters and find suitable people who have the right skill set, interest, and expertise. This way, you easily plan as per the skill set you require while also deciding the type of employment contracts you can offer. For example, you could hire a mix of full-time employees, contractors, some part-timers, and even freelancers. With such a tool, make well-informed resourcing and hiring decisions and save your costs while delivering good quality projects.

3. Awareness about what to scale and at what timing

Any business may go through peaks and troughs of demand. At times, your team could be loaded with work, and some other times could be lean periods. But there could be phases when your resources have a lot of work pressure. This also happens when your organization starts getting newer clients and businesses, and the work volume shoots up. Though your team may be fine with some extra workload sparingly, if that happens regularly, it could result in employee dissatisfaction, burn-out, and attrition. eResource Scheduler is a productivity management software that enables you to create a detailed resource and project plan with exact estimates of resource requirements. This helps you know when to hire new people, with what competencies, and if you can borrow some available team members internally for a short period.

4. Better collaboration and communication 

With AI-enabled resource management software like eResource Scheduler, it becomes very easy to communicate and collaborate with your remote team members. You may be working with a distributed team or resources spread out in different locations. A cloud-based productivity management software becomes a single centralized platform that all your team members can access to get any data, share their review comments, send files, organize a meeting or event, etc. Thus, there is no challenge of not connecting well with the team, and people can collaborate well with the larger team with ease.

5. Real-time data helps to monitor productivity and performance

Isn’t it almost impossible for a project manager to track the status of various projects in one go? And to top it all, when employees are working remotely, it becomes more stressful. So, how can you stay aware of what each resource is working on and the current status of all projects? Most businesses these days implement productivity management software to manage their resources, track time, and get real-time updates about performance, resource utilization, and status of various projects. Such resource management software like eResource Scheduler also acts as a central directory where people can view the entire list of the projects running in an organization and the organization-wide resource pool. This helps to monitor and assess the exact status and milestones of all projects and how each resource performs in just a few clicks.

6. Precise forecasting for near future

eResource Scheduler is a leading productivity management software that enables you to bridge the gap in your project plan and the costs. You can use this tool to forecast easily and estimate the resources available at hand at any point in time. This information also comes in handy while planning the pipeline or future requirements. When you have a detailed project and resource plan in place. It’s very simple to find the people who have some bandwidth to take on new tasks and who are completely utilized or busy. Therefore, this tool helps you to do accurate estimation or forecasting.

7. Manage distributed or remote teams easily

Many organizations all across the globe are working virtually and have employees or teams working remotely. This has become a norm, more so because of the ongoing pandemic. However, tracking multiple employees working in different locations, time zones, and geographies is a challenge. It’s even tougher to monitor if all of them are using their time and effort productively. Advanced AI and cloud-based, resource management software like eResource Scheduler provides a simple and intuitive interface, powerful filters, drag and drop functionality, and an online central repository listing all projects and resources in the business, which makes the resource scheduling process seamless.

8. Time the effort spent by the team

How do you track the time and effort spent by the team on a specific project or task? Though doing that will enable you to understand the team’s capacity how to do it. Using eResource Scheduler as a productivity management software will help you find how each team member utilizes their time on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. You can see which resource is lagging behind timelines and the ones who can deliver as per their schedule. This resource management software also tracks if a task or project takes extra time to complete than what was estimated. You can align additional people to complete it faster in such a case. Having access to the time-tracking data also helps make schedules, project plans, and effort estimations for new projects

9. Managing Event Scheduling and Shared Calendars

A resource scheduling software like eResource Scheduler provides a shared calendar, which can be used to organize important meetings or events in just a few clicks. The team calendar also sends out alerts and notifications if any team member is on leave or isn’t available. This way, the project managers can schedule meetings that suit all remote workers and other key stakeholders. The shared calendar is also useful if you want to book other resources such as a meeting room ahead of time. 

Choose eResource Scheduler as Your Productivity Management Software

So, if you are looking for a tool to optimize your resources and track productivity and project status at every phase, choose eResource Scheduler. You can opt for the most suited plan of this productivity management software as per your business requirements and the number of resources or users.

This award-winning tool helps the team to track the effort and time spent in various productive and non-productive activities. This further helps to gain visibility if your team is working remotely. So, for any questions or doubts regarding this software’s benefits, usage, or implementation. Enbraun offers an Account Manager who will help you to configure the tool as per your company’s needs. Check out the tool by signing for a free trial and transforming your productivity management, utilization, scheduling, and resource management processes.

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