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A guide to the best Samsung phones of 2022

New iterations of Samsung’s smartphone lineup debut each year, making it bigger and better than ever. Their assortment of smartphones includes everything from the affordable Galaxy A Series to the well-known Galaxy S family and the ground-breaking Z lineup of foldable phones. 

The most recent shape-shifting phones to arrive are the updated Galaxy Z series. These phones look similar to the outgoing Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 but feature significantly improved hardware, such as potent Qualcomm chips and better cameras. VoucherCodesUAE offer best discounts for Samsung Code and Amazon Discount Code UAE for your orders.

We’re breaking down everything you need to know about the best and newest Samsung phones, whether you’re looking for the most feature-rich Android smartphone available, a cost-effective option just for the basics, or the company’s newest model to hit the shelves.

  1. Galaxy A53 5G

The best Samsung phone is the A53 5G, which is a midrange model. Long battery life, a big, vibrant display, and a flexible camera setup are all included. The Galaxy A53 5G has stereo speakers and a completely waterproof design, just like its predecessor. Samsung, however, has removed the audio jack and included a charger in the new version.

The phone has one of the best quad cameras in its price range. That’s also true of its high-resolution selfie camera.

  2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

In comparison to other Galaxy S22 iterations, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra has a larger, sharper screen, a more distinctive design, a bigger battery, and a better camera setup. It comes in burgundy, white, black, silver, or silver.

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The integrated S-Pen sets the Ultra apart from the other members of the Galaxy S22 family, despite the fact that it has been a Galaxy Note trademark for the past ten years. The large phone is much more effective.

The camera has a dual telephoto lens with amazing capabilities and a high-resolution 108MP sensor. Additionally, its selfie camera can take sharper pictures than any other Galaxy.

  3. Samsung Galaxy S22

The best option for most buyers is the entry-level Samsung Galaxy S22. It has a sophisticated design, a potent chip, a competent camera setup, and a lovely AMOLED display, and it is offered in a variety of colors. Despite having cutting-edge specifications, the product also has a fair price.

The Galaxy S22’s camera system has a higher megapixel count than its predecessor. It can take even better low-light pictures thanks to its bigger primary sensor.

Instead, think about the more expensive Galaxy S22+ if you require a larger screen, a larger battery, and faster-wired charging times. Other hardware specifications are identical.

  4. Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

The best Samsung phone for frugal shoppers is the Galaxy A13 5G, which costs less than $250. It has a sleek display panel, a multisensor camera setup, a long-lasting battery, expandable storage, a standard audio jack, 5G, and a stylish design.

The massive 5,000 mAh battery inside the Galaxy A13 5G, which has the same capacity as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, allows it to easily last a few days between charges.

It’s important to remember that the TFT panel display on the A13 5G is less vibrant and sharp than the AMOLED ones found in more expensive Galaxy phones. Additionally, the phone lacks stereo speakers and water resistance.

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  5. Samsung Galaxy FE 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) is a high-end smartphone with an incredibly reasonable price of under $700. A fantastic triple camera and slick Super AMOLED display are housed in its vibrant polycarbonate housing.

The FE has a larger screen and battery than the more expensive Galaxy S21, but a more understated design. In its entry-level configuration, it lacks 8K video recording and has less RAM. The device’s remaining specifications are comparable, making it among the best in its price range.

The S21 FE is available in graphite, white, lavender, and olive, among other hues.

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