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In these times where we all are driven by corporate culture of nine to five job, one needs some leisure activity to entertain oneself. The cards had been one such activity. Among thousands of card games that are played all across the world, there are few which actually are really worth one’s time.  Card games have a long history, and they are evolving even now in the form of numerous online card games which allows you to not only play but also have a chance to earn real cash.

Among the famous card games one is Andar Bahar. As the name suggests it is an Indian gambling game. It is believed that this game originated in present day Bengaluru (Bangalore) in the southern state of Karnataka. It is quite famous in South India and is known in Tamil as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae. In various other areas it is known as Katti Or Mang Patta.

How is it played?

It is played with a deck of 52 cards. The dealer shuffles the cards and expose one card as joker. Now there are two betting sides:- Andar(left) and Bahar(right) across the joker card. One has to guess correctly in which side joker card would show up. If you bet right, you win.

FIRST BET:- The game starts when the Joker card is shown.. You have an option to wager the ‘1st Bet’ either on Andar or Bahar. Cards are dealt on Bahar first and then on Andar. If the first card dealt on Bahar is the Joker then all the bets on Bahar will be paid 25% of the bet and Andar will lose. If the first card for Andar is the Joker then all the bets on Andar will be paid even money. Bahar will lose.

SECOND BET:- After one card is drawn on both sides and the Joker is not exposed then the dealer will announce to wager on the ‘2nd Bet’. Now you have an option to wager the 2nd Bet. If the first card of the second ‘Bahar’ bet is a Joker then all second bets on Bahar will be paid 25% of the bet and 1st bet on Bahar will be paid even.

For instance, The dealer deals a 7 as the Tash Wala game card(joker card) and the player bets his money that the next card with the value 7 will be dealt on the Bahar side. The dealer then starts dealing one card on the Bahar side and one on the Andar side and after a few cards have been dealt, a 7 is dealt on the Bahar side.

That means the player won and that the round is over. In case the 7 had been dealt on the Andar side, the player would have lost.

Rules of game:-

According to the rules of game, If the first card (the game or joker card) has a black suit, the dealing starts on the Andar side and if the card has a red suit, the dealing starts on the Bahar side.

Hence, It is a game of pure chances with each side having almost 50% probability of winning the bet. As Andar Bahar is not a game of skill, it means that no strategy will increase your odds of winning. Therefore it is better to deal with reasonable amount of money.

Where to play?

The game has a huge popularity as it is simple to learn and exciting. Catering to huge popularity most of the online casinos do offer this game at their gaming sites. Also various sites offer this game for free as well. Needless to say here, that numerous app based Andar Bahar games are available on both Android playstore and Apple iOS. It is game which can be understood and played by anyone and is definitely worth a try if someone wants to try their luck to make some money.

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